Home Security Guide: Master Keys

Master locking system enables you to open up the door in case of an urgent situation. It’s good for get a master key in case you lose the main key to the door. This key system is appropriate for office and home as you don’t know what scenarios could arise. This can be all that’s necessary after you realize you have left the keys in the car and stuck in out. It is not necessary for a locksmith since a master key will save you. A single key system could work well for residential homes where a small, trusted number of individuals will need access. Normally, this is used to enable a home-owner to use a unique key to the locks and the management to manipulate every lock in the room or premises. Master key system is all about how the combination of set of pins and spring function in unison with each other to open or close a lock. But, in case there pros, there’s also disadvantages in this type of locking system.


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The benefit of possessing a master key is that you can gain access to the different units of your building with the same key. This is significant should there be a serious event. As an illustration, when there’s a fire outbreak. The keys can also be important when you want to access many rooms in a building so that you can fix a large electrical or plumbing issue.

While for property managers, they should have access to the properties they own or manage constantly. If perhaps there is an emergency, they could access the property even without tenants being present.

While the key has several gains, it also has quite a few of cons. One of the disadvantages is when you lose the key. If the key gets in the wrong hands it is possible to lose a lot of property as the individual with the key is able of accessing all the rooms or offices in a very short time.

If you think that the key is in the wrong hands it’s best to speak to a professional locksmith right away in order to change all of the locks. It’s good to note that while this will solve the problem, it’s incredibly time-consuming and expensive. To prevent this you really should be very careful with the keys and ensure that they don’t get into the wrong hands.