Google Has Acquired To Help Android Devs Boost Their App Performance

There’s no denying that Google nothing and no one can stop Google in exploring and expanding its market. I guess we’ll be expecting more of such news in the future so you better keep posted!



While making a host of major announcements during its I/O conference, Google shed light on its recent acquisition which now officially brings app performance startup under its reign. enhances the performance of apps by figuring out what is slowing them down and makes tweaks to reduce the loading time of apps. will remain available to existing customers for an undisclosed amount of time and obviously, won’t add new features. Pulse further says,

The company is looking forward to incorporate itself into Google’s glorious ecosystem. It stated on its website that it “can think of no better place to continue its journey than at the home of Android.” used its official Twitter account to acknowledge the acquisition. The company has so far managed to raise more than $1.75 million. The first $1 million seed was raised in …
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