Ford’s Surge of New Vehicles Reflects Consumer Trends, Builds Toward Future of Smart Vehicles in a Smart World

“Over the past century, the automobile turned out to be the ultimate disruptor to human’s lives and our civic way of life. Ford’s brightest and best technical talents will co-operate with others in similar cells around the globe to build what Hackett likes to call “smart cars for smart cities”. Electrification and autonomy are most certainly on the agenda because change is Hackett’s preoccupation.”

At Ford, we know our customers put a lot of faith in us. That’s something we appreciate, and we take that trust very seriously.

When we make changes here, we do so only after a lot of thought, research and careful consideration. So the changes we’re making now are dramatic — we’re replacing more than 75 percent of our lineup with smarter, more connected vehicles, and we intend to deliver these vehicles with improved speed and quality. At the same time, the average age of our vehicles will drop to just more than three years…


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