Five Signs You Might Be a Tech Addict

“We have been posting here a lot of products, reviews and more of the new technology releases and updates. However, it tends to be alarming when one spends a lot of money of buying every new product in the market. It is no longer healthy for a person to be easily lured by marketing tactics without even considering it is really necessary or not.”


Many tech enthusiasts have a habit of buying every new gadget or app on the market — even if they can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it. Many of these purchases tend to be impulsive and based on marketing hype, a sales pitch, or a well-designed advertisement. While average consumers scoff at many of these products themselves, tech addicts continue to not only stand in line for some of these gadgets, but will purchase them impulsively if they can’t shake the itch to purchase all the new things. We’re not here to say that consistently buying gadgets, apps, and other tech-related products impulsively is a problem — many fashionistas and DIY types make similar shopping decisions. However, if you tend to purchase tech products without really needing them or ever using them, and to the detriment of your finances or your budget, you might consider whether your problem is really an addiction to technology. In this case, you might be a tech addict if…

You buy a brand new smartphone using a credit card.

Five Signs You Might Be a Tech AddictBefore every new smartphone hits the market, it is usually precluded with a massive amount of marketing hype. This tends to lend to thousands of people standing line for hours (and sometimes, even days) to purchase the hottest new device. While this is the antithesis of an impulsive decision, you may not be able to shake the itch to purchase the latest iPhone, Windows Phone, or other bleeding edge mobile device. Planning for the purchase of a new smartphone is a smart decision, and should include planning the purchase in a way that fits with both your budget and your current contract with your mobile carrier. However, if you happen to find yourself wandering your local shopping center and unable to walk away from, say, the Apple store, it is not a good idea to leave 10 minutes later with a brand new iPhone 4S purchased for full price on your credit card. It’s a good rule of thumb to never purchase anything that you can’t pay with cash (or debit card). While you may like using your credit card for points or reward miles, be sure you can immediately pay that balance off when you get home. Making an impulse purchase that you literally can’t afford is a sure sign that you have an addiction, and in this, to technology.


You routinely buy gadgets you never use.

Did you recently buy a new health monitoring device impulsively while perusing the shelves at Best Buy while returning Christmas gifts, yet never actually exercise or take the time each day to monitor the measurements to glean insight into how to adapt your lifestyle? Or perhaps you bought a new Nook or Kindle …


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