Different Types of Shower Cubicles


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A shower cubicle is an attached shower enclosure that could be put into a bathroom relatively easily. The best thing about these shower cubicles is that you can get them in any size or shape that you need. The shower cubicles can also be very tall, thus even the tallest person can mount the showerhead in a position where showering isn’t a struggle, however something that they can enjoy

I.    Quadrant Shower Cubicle

A quadrant cubicle is built to squeeze into the corner of any bathroom. In order for it to be mounted properly requires 2 walls for attachment. The front side of the quadrant cubicle is rounded and over hangs out from the two walls it’s attached too. The type of shower doors that can be set up on such a enclosure is a hinged shower door or a sliding shower door. The style of this shower looks very fashionable and is quite popular amongst the trend setters.

II.    D-Shaped Shower Cubicle

A D-shaped shower enclosure could be installed in any home. As long as you have a single wall that the cubicle could be mounted on then this type is probably for you. The wall of the shower enclosure is totally rounded from wall to wall. The shower door can either be hinged or sliding. It is the classiest of shower enclosures you will find with its chic design and feel when opening it up.

III.    Pentagonal Shaped Shower Enclosure

This shower cubicle style is a great combination of size and style. With the five-sided shape, this shower cubicle maximizes space, as well as looks good. The pentagonal shower has doors that slide or swing open. If you want a large shower, yet still desire a little style in your bathroom, this is the shower for you.

IV.    Square Shower Cubicle

This shower cubicle looks like a typical shower you have seen in many people’s bathroom. In addition, this is probably the most common and regular style of shower cubicle, it features a large space inside and can be either fitted in a corner against two walls or set into a recess in the wall, so you’d only see the door to get in. Such a shower cubicle features doors that slide or swing open. Should you require a large shower and have a lot of wall space, this shower might be perfect for you. The walls will often be either glass or some sort of plastic UPVC etc.

If you are choosing your shower it will typically be a part of a main overhaul of your bathroom suite overall. Essentially you’d like something which complements the rest of your facilities and also you must consider the size and whether there’s enough room to open doors/panels without being restricted.