– the “4th telco” in Singapore – What to know

Singapore “4th Telco”

So there is finally a new player in the market to compete with Starhub, M1 and Singtel. Honestly i am not a fan of the big 3 but there isn’t really much of a choice here in Singapore is there? Especially so when you are talking about the telephone market. At least for internet we have players such as view quest (whom i am with now and am sufficiently satisfied with) and myrepublic (whom i used to be with which i found ok too).

Now how is going to do is up to anyone’s guess. If virgin with their charismatic CEO had failed before, can this new player make it in the market? I really hope they do but than judging from how they are renting the network infrastructure from M1 and how i feel M1 is lacking in many ways on top of which their only main selling point is the lack of plans that tie you down, i am guessing their market would really be more for the work permit holders whom won’t be in Singapore for the longest of time.

The lack of free incoming call is a concern for me too. Personally however much i hate starhub and singtel i feel like i am still stuck with them with no other alternative.

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So this Circles.Life is the 4th telco that we’ve been waiting for? Aww… I was hoping it would be MyRepublic!

I like MyRepublic too! And don’t worry, Circles.Life is technically not Singapore’s 4th telco. Instead, they’re what is known as a mobile virtual-network operator. This means that Circles.Life doesn’t own any of their network infrastructure, but leases it from M1.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because a similar joint venture with Virgin and Singtel was first launched in Singapore back in late 2001. Yep, that long ago. Sadly, that ill-fated attempt was way ahead of its time, and it folded after only nine months.

Source: Is The New Telco on the Block Going to Change the Scene for Singaporean Mobile Users?