Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen

“If you have 400$ right now, would you buy a Cicret wristband? Well, it’s not just a normal wristband as it is a gadget that will make your arm a screen projector. However it is not out yet as it still a concept that is still raising some funds to create its first prototype. What can you say about it?”


With wearables gaining some traction, smartphones and tablets are by no means the only mobile devices around nowadays. Now, though, Cicret is looking to take things a step farther and turn your arm into a smartphone.

Conceived 12 months ago and designed over the course of 6 months, the Cicret Bracelet is a small wristband that looks similar to the Jawbone Up.

The Cicret Bracelet's proximity sensors work out where the user's finger is and allows the...


The Bracelet comprises a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user’s forearm. It operates as a standalone device and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, projects an Android interface onto the users arm, much like Chris Harrison’s Skinput research. The proximity sensors detect where the user’s finger or fingers are and allow them to interact with the interface as they …


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