Choose From These Perfect Corner Bathtub Materials

You will find countless different kinds of bathtubs available in the markets nowadays, all different styles, which explains why selecting the right one for your home is not a very simple task. Not only do you need to select the best color to suit your bathroom and ensure that the design meets your needs, but also the material it is made from.


When you’re wanting to select which model is ideal for your own home, probably the most crucial choices you’ll have to make is which material you want your new tub to be made from. This post will cover the primary choices you have available.

Different materials are utilized to construct each bathtub. Therefore it is important that you be aware of the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, the one you select in the end will have a lot to do with what you can afford, and how much maintenance and durability you are trying to find. The following is a rundown of the most popular choices available to you.

Fiberglass – is certainly high on the list in relation to being cost effective. It doesn’t cost much and since it is so light it is not at all difficult to install. This corner bathtub is often protected with gel coat which isn’t as durable as acrylic, therefore expect some dents and scratches from time to time. Its finish may also be lackluster and the color may fade as time passes.

Acrylic – This lightweight materials are good at retaining heat if insulated, also comes in a huge range of colors, and is more durable than fiberglass. It’s slightly more costly than fiberglass and has the ability to stain or crack, but as long as you care for your tub, it’s going to stay in great shape for years.

Stainless – Stainless steel may not be the first material that comes to mind whenever you think about the bathroom. Stainless steel bathtubs have several advantages, including easy maintenance and damage control, and looking after hotter temperatures longer than other materials making for a warmer bathing experience. Some stainless tubs are coated on the outside with a unique color for a stimulating contrast.

Cast Iron – To begin with they normally are a lot more expensive than regular acrylic bathtubs. Yet like all type of expensive design, there are always definite advantages. This kind of bathtub made out of iron is going to last – a long time. The cast iron bathtubs can really be a good match to a home in which carries a theme of an old-charm, country look.

Hopefully this article make your decision much easier when it comes to choosing a bathtub. Bathtubs are made from a variety of materials, however when you understand the differences of each it isn’t so challenging.