China’s Huawei Makes Third Top Selling Smartphone Brand Global

“Mid-tier mobiles are indeed on the rise as seen on the market today. Following after Apple and Samsung, you may not be surprised if Huawei will overtake these giants in the near future.”



China’s Huawei Technologies made the top three global smartphone seller, trailing Samsung and Apple, according to the latest report by IDC.

According to IDC’s statement on Oct. 28, Huawei shipped 26.5 million units of smartphones in Q3 this year, up 60.9 percent from a year ago, pushing its market share to 7.5 percent to become the third top selling smartphone brand in the world.

Huawei focuses on mid-range to high-end devices and has reported stellar performances in China and Europe, but has relatively low market penetration in the U.S. The Chinese company recently worked with Google to develop the high-end Nexus 6P; the partnership was interpreted as a step in expanding the U.S. market for Huawei.

South Korea’s Samsung top the top ….



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