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7 Free Windows Tools to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Home automation systems make life easier for those leading a hectic life when working in your computer. Free Windows  tools are widely available online to help cure errors.

One of the worst parts of using a computer is just how mindlessly repetitive it can be: searching hundreds of folders for that one file, or typing the same bit of text day after day, or cleaning up and organizing a thousand different files…

We can end up wasting a LOT of hours this way. Fortunately, we aren’t alone!

Others have suffered just as much as us, if not more, and some have even taken great lengths to create tools that ease these pains — then released them for free. By adding a few of these utilities to your arsenal, you’ll be able to reclaim time that would’ve otherwise been lost to manual repetition.

1. Search or Replace Text in Many Files

Have you ever needed to find a particular text file or document containing a specific word or phrase, but just couldn’t locate it? You thought you knew where you put it, but it isn’t there, and you’re positive you didn’t delete it.

That’s when you need grepWin. It’s inspired by the grep tool found on Unix systems, which allows you to search entire directories for files based on text content. But grep is a command-line tool, which wouldn’t sit well with Windows users. Fortunately, grepWin is a GUI tool.

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Best Black Friday Deals for Smartphones & Accessories

Are you already on the prowl for Black Friday deals?  You’ll be able to join the rest of America shopping for all sorts of goodies at the lowest possible prices. So if you’re planning to buy some gadgets, this is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Black Friday is fast approaching, and just like every other day-after-Thanksgiving, there will be too many tech deals you won’t want to pass up. If you’ve been saving up all year just for this sometimes-chaotic shopping holiday, we’ll help you figure out the best tech sales to take advantage of and when, whether it’s Black Thursday, Black Friday, or Black Friday weekend.

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We’ve collected the best lists and ads from stores offering smartphone-related Black Friday deals. If you’re looking to save some cash on your holiday spending, see below for the best sales on smartphones, speakers, headphones, and other accessories.

iOS Phone Deals

For iPhone, look no further than Target, Best Buy, and Walmart who all offer deals on the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

  • Target: Free $250 gift card with qualified activation of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or save $60 on an iPhone SE.
  • Best Buy: Save up to $200 with qualified activation of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.
  • Walmart: Free $300 gift card with qualified activated on an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, or X.

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iPhone 8 Review: So This Is What Good Battery Life Feels Like

Among all the components of an iPhone, the iPhone battery plays a critical role.The past iPhone models have a problem with battery life and every user is demanding Apple to improve iPhone’s battery performance. So is iPhone 8 the answer to this problem?

Another year, another iPhone, except this time there are three of them. The iPhone 8 is the first out of the gate, but it’s overshadowed by the iPhone X looming in the wings, and while there are some new elements – a glass back – you could be forgiven for feeling a bit of deja vu.

Placing all the recent iPhones side by side, from 2014’s iPhone 6, to 2015’s iPhone 6S and 2016’s iPhone 7 and on to the 8, it’s clear very little has changed on the outside.


2014 design

The iPhone 8 is fractions of a millimetre larger in every direction than the iPhone 7. It’s also 10g heavier than the iPhone 7, 5g heavier than the iPhone 6S and 19g heavier than the iPhone 6. Some will tell you that you can notice the difference, but that it’s a good weight. You can’t, and it doesn’t matter.

Because of its 2014 design, the iPhone 8 looks and feels outdated compared to sleeker, more modern rivals, despite still being immaculately made. The large bezels top, bottom and at the sides make the iPhone 8 look almost retro, and not in a good way.

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Review: Google’s Pixel 2 Is the Best Android Phone for Anyone Tired of Samsung

Anyone tired of using Samsung? They said that Samsung is the best Android phone but I guess in this review the Google’s Pixel 2 will claim that. Let’s find out if it’s worth the given attention.

(C) Forbes

The good: Clean interface, great camera, long battery life.
The bad: Underwhelming screen, no facial recognition or iris scanning, not much that makes it stand apart from Samsung and Apple.
Who should buy: Any Android fan that values clean software and camera quality, particularly those looking for something beyond what Samsung’s offering.

When Google unveiled its first Pixel smartphone last year, it felt like a giant leap for a company better known for its software and search engine than its gadgets. Google’s message was clear: Apple and Samsung aren’t the only tech giants capable of making high-quality gadgets. That remains the case with the company’s impressive new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Both of the new Pixels take what already worked and complement with admirable new features. The larger Pixel 2 XL includes a nearly borderless screen that dominates the phone’s face: a design approach Samsung, Apple, LG and Essential staked out first. Like other recent phones, the new Pixels have adopted basic water resistance. And the camera boasts some fancy new features, like the ability to capture a few seconds of footage around a still photo to create images that move, and a new Portrait Mode for delivering bokeh effects.

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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Cases & Keyboard Covers

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, a myriad of case vendors have churned out cases for the tablet.So if you are confused on buying one, here is the list of the top cases and keyboard covers for Samsung Galaxy tab S3.

Samsung tablets are the device of choice for Android gamers, students, and technophiles, but the latest Samsung tablets are always pushing to new boundaries.

2017’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a vastly updated version of last year’s Galaxy Tab S2. It has new accessories and specs to improve performance, graphics, and UI.

(C) Amazon

The addition of an included S Pen stylus and the Tab S3’s 9.7-inch QXGA Super AMOLED display make the Tab S3 a viable tool for artists when used with an app like ArtFlow.

The added utility of Android 7.0 Nougat and USB-C charging slates the device to be a worthy competitor to the new iPad Pro in speed and convenience.

And with a rear camera now capable of recording 4K video, you’ll want to ensure that your lens (or anything underneath) is never in danger of being scratched or dropped.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cases and keyboard covers available now. These will protect your tablet from all sides without adding too much weight too this beautiful device.

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Samsung Lets Loose New Tracking Device For Your Kids and Pets

As parents we are concerned by escalating reports of kidnapping and of missing children, these report obviously can make us both scared and worried. And here comes Samsung new technology that will help you track your kids as well as your pet.

It’s called the Connect Tag and it’s the first of its kind to use narrowband technology, according to Samsung. Stay safe, kids.

Don’t use those creepy babysitter-monitoring dolls to keep tabs on your children and pets.

(C) ValueWalk

Instead, Samsung has a slightly smaller and less sinister-looking device than a Teddy Ruxpin lookalike. It’s called the Connect Tag, which Samsung claims is the first to employ narrowband network technology, optimising data and battery usage for a week-long lifespan before needing a charge.

The device uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning and Cell ID to track location. It measures in at 4.21 centimetres in length, and at a thickness of 1.19 centimetres it’s smaller than your average Tamagotchi. It’s also waterproof.

Compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, the Connect Tag uses GPS to put up a geofence around your house, setting off lights or the TV when you, wearing the tag, arrive, or alerting you through the Android Samsung Connect app when a person or item has left the set virtual zone.

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iPhone X: 5 things we would change

If you are planning to buy iPhone X better think hardly first. Not just because its expensive but there are disappointments in the features which you wouldn’t like.


Apple didn’t hold back on features for its iPhone X a stunning OLED HDR display with barely-there bezels, an A11 Bionic processor, AR capabilities and a set of cameras that could rival a DSLR. But it also has some major drawbacks that will make even the most loyal Apple fan think twice before pulling the trigger on the tenth anniversary iPhone.


We’re used to paying a premium for Apple devices, but this one may be a record. Apple may have tried to soften the blow by calling it $999 (£999 and AU$1,579), but it’s still a thousand-dollar phone. Tack on another $149 for the 256GB version if you plan on storing those beautiful 4K videos locally, then add the cost of a charging pad and to insure it all — you’re looking at a $1,400 price tag. Because even the Apple Care for the iPhone X is $50 more than previous models. We weren’t expecting the iPhone X to be cheap, but Apple at least could’ve kept it in line with the Plus model pricing.

Glass back

Apple traded in the aluminum for a glass back on its three new iPhones to enable wireless charging, which means you’ll have to be extra careful with your thousand-dollar investments. Those of you who prefer a nude, caseless look on your iPhone will have two breakable surfaces to worry about. Apple’s “strongest glass ever” and even the iPhone X’s stainless steel frame don’t make it completely shatterproof.

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Can’t Differentiate Between Real And Fake Gadgets? Check Out These Tips!

It’s really difficult nowadays to differentiate real gadgets from fake. Like for example the iPhone. It is so popular all around the world that markets are awash with counterfeit versions. This article made to avoid common mistakes when buy new gadgets.

(C) GadgetMatch

In this tech savvy world, everybody is addicted to technology. It’s like you’ve got to have the latest gadgets in your hand. But often you end up in the biggest confusion of all. What is that confusion? You can’t distinguish between the real and the fake gadgets. But don’t you worry any more friends, we’ve got you covered. Here are some really easy and efficient tips you can use to differentiate between the real and fake gadgets!

Here are some useful tips you need to know to differentiate between real and fake gadgets!

1. Packaging.
You know how some countries are busy copying and making fake gadgets, I’m not taking China’s name, though. But you’ve got to agree the dedication the put in copying the originals they could’ve made something better which was actually durable. Anyway, fake is always gonna be fake. But how do you detect that?

The first step is taking a close look at the packaging. You see the original product packaging will be in pristine condition without any flaws. The packaging is never loose or in a poor condition, even if you buy it online. Make sure you check the fonts at the back, consistency to be specific.

2. Unboxing.
We usually aren’t very careful while unboxing new gadgets, due to the obvious excitement. But it is very important that you carefully unbox your gadget to save yourself from being tricked..

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The Best iOS 11 Features You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet

iOS 11 has arrived with a bang with incredible new features. iOS 11 is considered as one of the best operating systems for some good reasons. Here is an overview of some of them.

Earlier this week Apple showed off iOS 11, the next iteration of the iPhone and iPad operating system that’s coming later this Fall, but lengthy as its WWDC keynote was, there was nowhere near enough time to mention all of the neat features coming down the iOS pipe. We’ve got the beta up and running—here are the best goodies heading your way that Apple didn’t mention.

Built-in screen recording

Screen recording is useful for everything from sneakily capturing your friends’ Snapchats to uploading tutorials to YouTube, and while it hasn’t been too difficult to do on iOS in the past, with iOS 11 it’s built right in—you no longer need a spare Mac with QuickTime.

The new tool, called Screen Recorder, appears if you customize the shortcuts in the revamped Control Center via Settings. Tap the red button to start recording, and the title bar to stop recording, and then the video is saved to your camera roll as normal.

Instant Wi-Fi sharing

Secure Wi-Fi is practically required for modern phone and computer use, but sharing you 45-digit password is one of the most irritating things in the world. iOS 11 is going to make that easier— though, you all need to be using iOS 11 devices for the trick to work, as 9to5Mac has found.

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Mobile Phones and Cancer Risk

Ever since the invention of mobile phones, this technological wonder has never looked back. However it was said that mobile phones’ electromagnetic radiation is said to cause brain cancer. Is it true?  Let’s find out.

Since the invention of cell phones in 1974, people have spent ever increasing amounts of time with their devices. There is conflicting scientific opinion on whether exposure to cell phone radiation increases the risk of developing cancer. Given this uncertainty, many individuals are wondering what the facts are and what they can do to reduce their exposure.

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Cell Phone Radiation and Its Effects

The power of electromagnetic energy is defined by frequency. High energy radiation like radon, cosmic rays and x-rays are ionizing radiation, which can cause cancer. Low frequency radiation, such as electromagnetic fields and visible light, are non-ionizing and not known to cause cancer. Cell phones make use of electromagnetic radiation known as radio-frequency (RF) energy, a non-ionizing radiation that is also used in telecommunications like television and radio.

When studying the impact of cell phone radiation on humans, the only regularly observed effect is the heating of tissues. There have also been no notable increases in developing cancer or enhancing carcinogenic effects observed in animal studies. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) investigated the effects of cell phone radiation on rodents in a large-scale study. While they are completing their data review, they released their preliminary findings in May 2016 showing limited evidence of RF causing cancer in rats

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