BlackBerry Has Acquired Israel-Based File Security Startup WatchDox for $150 Million

Long ago, Blackberry is the one trusted by most corporations when securing their mobile data. However when Android phones came into picture, a lot have made the switched as it’s much easier to use and manage. This is perhaps the reason why Blackberry took this very huge risk as they want to reestablish their name as the most secure handset for corporate use.





While Blackberry’s handset sales might not have gone up by much, the Canadian firm however looks confident of its suite of enterprise-class security offerings. Now, to further bolster that wing, the company has acquired Israeli startup WatchDox. The acquisition, which earlier under speculation, has also been confirmed by Blackberry.

The entire acquisition’s value is being pegged to the North of $150 Million, though no confirmation on financials has been received from Blackberry’s end. The deal was signed earlier this week, and following the acquisition, BlackBerry will open its first R&D center in Israel, where WatchDox is based.

WatchBox is one of the fastest growing startups in the security domain, offering enterprise level secured file sharing solutions. More like a Dropbox space with a security layer over it.

Founded in 2008 by CEO Moti Rafalin and VP products Noam Livnat, WatchDox has raised $35 million to date from Shlomo Kramer (the company’s chairman), Gemini Israel Ventures, Shasta Ventures, MTVP, Blackstone, and private investors.

Shareholders, according to the company registry, include Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, who together with Kramer founded Trusteer, which was sold to IBM for $700 million in August 2013.

Through WatchBox’s platform, employees within a particular company can share and edit files collaboratively and can also sync them across all of their devices. Then what’s new you ask ? Well, unlike other file …


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