Best New Technology Gadgets & Gifts in the Year 2015-16

“There are many little & tiny jobs, Which we’ve to do manually in our routine life, While we’re so busy, But we want them to do automatically without any tension, So Technology make it possible, As after some years ago, we did not know about many Tech Gadgets, But we’re using as they’re made only for us. No doubt, Technology made our life very easy as we want, So we’re sharing some Best Technology Gadgets in 2015-2016, So that you may Use Technology Gadgets as Gifts to make your life more luxury.”

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Notion is a smart intelligence system developed by kick-starter, Which use to detect anything into home & office as; door open or close, water leak, any sound, temperature etc., So you can monitor your home and office using Notion device being detected with your smartphone application. You can buy now at $100/ hub & sensor.notion-technology

Apple TV:

Apple has introduced interesting idea with launching Apple TV in 2015, Which is a best deal at just $

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K:

It’s a best drone of Yyneec & DJI, Which design it within reasonable price to Get Stunning Photos with it’s digital camera advance features. You can buy at just $1120.YuneecQ500-technology-gadget

Galaxy View:

Samsung has released Galaxy View to use latest android apps such as on Portable PC, As it’s cost is $600.galaxy-view-technology-gift

Roku 4:

Roku 4 is cheap from Apple TV, But sound quality is best than Apple TV, So you can buy at just $120.latest technology

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