Are Feather Dusters Effective?

“Feather dusters work well only when used to maintain a basically clean home. If your home hasn’t been dusted in six months, you must remove the accumulated dust with a vacuum or by wet-cleaning with a cloth. Then a feather duster can be employed on a regular basis.”


Do feather dusters really work? Do they seem to stir up more dust than anything else? If so, then read on, and we’ll let you in on what we’ve learned about feather dusters.

First, only 100% ostrich-down feathers reliably attract dust. Yes, ostriches have down feathers just as geese do. Any just like the goose variety, ostrich down is softer, more pliable, and more valuable than run-of-the-mill feathers. Forget cheap synthetic dusters, brightly dyed chicken-feather dusters, or even regular ostrich feathers. They don’t work. Ostrich down works, but it’s not cheap. Expect to pay more for a good ostrich-down duster. The length of the feathers isn’t of primary importance; softness and flexibility are. Don’t get too large a duster for normal households. Two-foot-long feathers are almost impossible to maneuver into tight spots without knocking over almost everything…


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