Apple patents a three-sensor iPhone camera with light splitter cube to offer better low-light photography

“As a user of IPhones for a couple of years, I can really say that Apple has got the one of the best quality cameras among all smart phones. Apple is just so amazing with their innovations and technology that a lot of companies could not match. I don’t want to sound so bias but it is just my opinion and I guess some of you got different opinions relating to such.”



News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

And Apple continues to amaze us with its out of the box inventions. The Cupertino giant has now received a patent for “Digital camera with light splitter”, which precisely outlines the possibility of fabricating three-sensor prism-based camera to an iPhone.

Though, the title sounds a little bit complex, the patent relates to a digital camera component having a light splitter cube that splits incident light from a camera scene into three color components, and three image sensors each being positioned to receive a respective one of the color components.

Though the tech is available in some  high end video recorders, no idea of fabricating it to a smartphone had ever surfaced, until now. the whole purpose of doing so is to maximize pixel array resolution.

The image sensors may be clear pixel array sensors that have no color filter array or color separation capabilities, making them relatively inexpensive yet more accurate (due to no color interpolation or de-mosaicing required). In such a color splitting architecture, the amount of light incident on each pixel is about three times greater than in a conventional Bayer-pattern color filter array (CFA) sensor.

The light splitter cube can also be combined with a deflector that is positioned to reflect the incident light from the camera scene, and an optical lens system, such as a …


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