A Japanese firm has created the world’s first washable smartphone

“A Japanese organization made a solution with what it depicts as the world’s first cell phone that can be washed with cleanser or soap and water. Waterproof smart phones have been available for some time in Japan. Nonetheless, that did not protect smart phones from the sort of thorough scrubbing expected to entirely clean the gadget and eliminate microorganisms.”

Photo by http://www.news.com.au/

Photo by http://www.news.com.au/

TIRED of those unsightly smudges and other dirt on your bacteria-laden smartphone?

A Japanese firm says it has the solution with what it describes the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water.

Waterproof smartphones have been on the market for a while. But telecom company KDDI says its new “Digno rafre” phone — to be launched in Japan next week — is the only one that can withstand a soapy bath.

“Our development team washed the smartphone more than 700 times to test its durability,” a company spokesman told AFP.

An online commercial aimed at proving its credentials features a child dropping the phone onto a plate of food topped with ketchup.

His mother assures her shocked family that those red globs are nothing to worry about as she soaps up the phone under a running tap.

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