9 ways your smartphone is making you less productive

“Attempting to do numerous things without a moment’s delay doesn’t make you more productive, it just makes you terrible at all of those things. You don’t even need to be utilizing your phone for it to influence your productivity. The mere presence of your smartphone is distracting.”

Photo by http://www.greenbot.com/

Photo by http://www.greenbot.com/

Smartphones are awesome. Always having the Internet in the palm of your hand is fabulous, and being constantly connected to your peers and co-workers makes you super-productive, right?

If anything, your smartphone is a huge distraction that stands between you and actually getting work done. Before you can even think about sitting down and being productive, you’ll first need to play a few games, shoot off some emails, check you friends’ Facebook Timelines…and then the second you decide to start working, you’ll get 56 push notifications from Twitter, Instagram, and Clash of Clans.

Your smartphone definitely makes you less productive. Here’s why.

You’re always working

You might think that being able to fire off work emails in the middle of the night makes you extra productive, but you’re wrong. Being constantly connected to work makes you less productive during the work day; after all, if you don’t finish a task at the office, no worries, you can just do it on your phone later…

You can’t sleep

Science says that the bluish light from smartphone screens interferes with your ability to get a good night’s sleep. That’s right. Your phone actually makes you less productive…at sleeping.

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