9 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Pregnancy

“Expectant moms are never known for their geekiness, but it doesn’t mean there is no cool hi-tech gadget specially dedicated to them to take care of them as well as their soon-t0-be-born babies. Any of top 9 must-have gadgets for expectant mothers below will not make you want to get pregnant immediately, but will give you an idea of what to buy for yourself if you are pregnant, or what to gift your loved lady if you are not.”


Photo by http://www.brit.co/

One of the best parts about having a baby is getting to pick out all those adorable newborn clothes and high-tech baby gear when you’re pregnant. But what about products you can use while the baby is still cookin’? Believe us when we tell you there are plenty of them. From tricked out Fitbit-esque wearables made with expectant moms in mind to devices that monitor your baby’s activity, technology has made now a fantastic time to be pregnant. Here are nine of our favorite gadgets on the market right now for you and your wee one.

1. kickTrak ($5): This handy little gadget is really useful when you are nearing the end of the pregnancy; it can be used to time contractions so you know how close you are to going into labor. It’s also pretty nifty the months prior to that last one ’cause it helps track your baby’s movements in an electronic log.

2. AngelSounds ($32): Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a moment every parent remembers. Having that assurance that your baby is okay is soothing, and in that moment, it’s like nothing else matters. AngelSounds is a gadget that lets future moms hear their baby’s heartbeat anytime they want, ensuring a peace of mind throughout your pregnancy.

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