6 high-tech gadgets for musicians and music lovers

“In this day and age, technology gives us endless ways to look for and listen to any specific song we’re looking for. With digital music available to us right at our fingertips, it’s now about finding ways to get the most out of our music-listening experience.  Technology and music go hand and hand. Music lovers are very picky about the sound, so you can’t pick just any speaker or headphone. These have been tried and tested by the music lovers in my family. Here, then, are six of the best gadgets and gear out there that are not only well-designed, they’re perfect for anyone who appreciates the high-quality, clear sound of music everywhere they go.”

pryma headphones rose gold

Photo by http://www.macworld.com/

Technology has drastically changed the way we experience music, whether it’s by helping musicians create stadium-quality sounds in their basements or by giving fans the ability to listen to their favorite music anywhere they go.

Now you can use your iPad to learn to play the guitar or have friends take turns playing DJ on the same Bluetooth speaker. Read below to discover more high-tech gear designed for artists, music lovers, and anyone in between. And check out the video above to get a better vibe of each gift idea.

Every year, so many new headphones that come out that it’s tough to find a pair that really stand out. Last month when the new Pryma headphones ($500) debuted, they certainly made an impression and redefined what a stylish pair of headphones could be.

The Pryma headphones are hand-made by Italian artisans using genuine leather, die-cast aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. They come in five color variations: Coffee & Cream, Pure Black, Carbon (Fiber) Marsala, Heavy Gold, and Rose Gold & Grey (pictured left) to match the new rose gold iPhone 6s. The headbands are interchangeable, if you can spare an additional $75 to get a second one. And each aluminum earcup is detachable. Just snap it out of its buckle-style attachment and you can pass it to a friend to let them listen in to your music.

These headphones are not just a style statement. Engineered by the high-end audiomakers at Sonus Faber, the audio quality is robust and warm. And unlike other big-sound headphones we tried, Pryma doesn’t let much noise escape the earcups—so you won’t have coworkers asking you to turn your volume down…

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