3 Garden Design Inspiration and Ideas

Everybody displays a special sense of style. Although that is shown in our clothing fashion also, it is conveyed in our homes which reach to our gardens. Lots of individuals devote considerable time considering the design of each of the rooms in their homes and in most cases the garden comes last. I believe this should be carried out first, particularly if it is your front yard. This is exactly what these potential customers will notice first if they go to visit you. Hence maybe now is the suitable time to start arranging the garden. To assist you along we have a couple of garden design themes.

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1)    Oriental Garden
This garden is reminiscent of the Eastern look where you have trees which are shaped like bonsai trees, soft pale pink flowers and deep green plants.

This type of garden also offers tactically placed oriental styled arches and the walkways contain stone white cobbles. In addition, it has an area allotted for a Zen garden which consists of soft flowing sand and smooth rocks.

Dependent upon your feelings, you can rake certain patterns in the sand to produce a flow of tranquil emotions.

2)    Modern Garden
This might appear a bit vague however this style of garden consists of decorative outdoor art like outdoor rock paintings and sleek white stone statues. This garden is designed with neat lines not really a particular rock look.

Basically, the pathways are made with sleek cobbles and there are deliberately placed flowers and trees. There’s a certain shape to the layout of the flowers and the trimmed grass. The pool area is minimalistic and has a clear blue water appearance with neat white cobble tiles to complete off the look.

You can also put a pond in the middle of the garden as a centerpiece that can be tiled with modern copings.

3)    Natural Garden
This garden takes significantly less work to sustain. You need to pick plants which are native to your area and that flourish in the outdoors and with minimal waters.

Generally you depend on the rain to water your plants. This is actually the perfect theme in case you have busy lives and don’t have a lot of time to take care of their garden. The paths have a natural weathered look which you can create with simulated stone tiles in a grey color.

There are several more garden themes that you could apply to your house and the perfect decision can assist you accomplish this. It is actually up to your imagination.