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Google’s computers are creating songs. Making music may never be the same.

Even if people haven’t figured out the need, techs have them already in their minds.


Artificial intelligence “is today’s tech just like the piano was today’s tech at time when it came about. Composers started to write with this crazy new loud machine called the piano,” said Peter Swendsen, an Oberlin professor of computer music and digital arts. “Now we just sort of take it for granted as part of musical landscape.” (L. Todd Spencer/Virginian-Pilot via AP)

Google has launched a project to use artificial intelligence to create compelling art and music, offering a reminder of how technology is rapidly changing what it means to be a musician, and what makes us distinctly human.

Google’s Project Magenta, announced Wednesday, aims to push the state of the art in machine intelligence that’s used to generate music and art.

“We don’t know what artists and musicians will do with these new tools, but we’re excited to find out,” said Douglas Eck, the project’s leader in a blog post. “Daguerre and later Eastman didn’t imagine what Annie Liebovitz or Richard Avedon would accomplish in photography. Surely Rickenbacker and Gibson didn’t have Jimi Hendrix or St. Vincent in mind.”

Google has already released a song demonstrating the technology. The song was created with a neural network — a computer system loosely modeled on the human brain — which was fed recordings of a lot of songs. With exposure to tons of examples, the neural network soon begins to realize which note should come next in a sequence. Eventually the neural network learns enough to generate entire songs of its own.

The project has just begun so the only available tools now are for musicians with machine learning expertise. Google hopes to produce — along with contributors from outside Google — more tools that will …


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Garden Awning in your Home


For outdoor activities, garden awnings are becoming a great solution for pretty much everything, yet at least there are many simple reasons for this choosing them. Most people choose to use this awning type because of the simple design, easiness to adapt with the environment, its huge inventory on the market, high efficiency (especially related to the power needed for this awning), more space, structural protection etc. It helps make the bonding time with the family more exciting and fun.

Awnings needs to be produced from durable fabrics and be able to stand the varying weather conditions and everyday use. Materials are available in a number of colours and patterns, from modern and classy to bold and bright, therefore there is sure to be one to match your taste and décor. Fabrics ought to be coated with Teflon and an anti-mildew treatment to shield them from the elements, and strain resistant to make sure they don’t shrink or twist over time. UV protection is also vital.

An important factor that of awning is the luxury of possessing a comfortable shaded area in your garden or yard. Which has a dependable outdoor cover in your garden or yard will help you to devote more time outside even when the sun is still up. Actually, you can enjoy a perfect tea party outside of the confines of your property no matter what weather condition is present. In addition, a high-quality awning has been proven to reduce temperature. For that reason, you are able to take comfort in realizing that your children can be safely outdoors.

Nowadays, people are not just looking for products with great performance, but also with a lot of variants, to allow them to select the one they love, including awnings. Luckily, these days there are numerous variations available in the market. Everyone can find which kind of outdoor awning they love, depending on shape, dimension, structure, length, design etc. Selecting the right one, everyone can now have not just a great functional outdoor awning, but additionally a more personalized one which, obviously, increases the value of their home. Many awnings are either in a fixed position, as a car port or a free standing structure; or, a retractable type which can be opened and closed by either manual or motorized means. The retractable type of awnings are usually placed where they extend from the wall or below the roof line, and extend out over the patio or deck area delivering shade to the entire area.

You can browse the different styles available for outdoor awnings like those offered online. This opens you up to the numerous possibilities and designs that you could have in your house for your outdoor windows.

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent

Accent walls are not solely for living room and bedrooms. Today, you can incorporate this decorating style to your bathroom to create more drama to your flat and lifeless space.


Ceramic tiles have no competition when it comes to the bathrooms. In addition to painting the walls with water-based paints or oils, ceramics in bathrooms are absolute ruler of the bathroom walls. There is also the possibility of setting up wood paneling and accenting the walls with natural or synthetic stone. If you like to follow the latest trends, we recommend you placing one accent wall, which is especially attractive in aesthetic terms. But, by carefully combining simple tiles and mosaic tiles, you may get an accent in certain parts.

The marble walls will always give the maximum dose of luxury and trendy are the plastic or paper wallpaper with special coatings that allow their installation in wet areas such as bathrooms. So, it is a special wallpaper designed exclusively for the bathroom, so be sure to be careful not to replace the usual. When you do the final selection of wall coverings, you should consult with experts who will point out their advantages and shortcomings – this is especially true if you suspect that some materials, such as certain types of wood, well tolerate steam and moisture, which is inevitable in the bathrooms. The same is true for the mandatory involvement of trusted contractors, that will guarantee quality setting for certain wall coverings. So if you need some inspirational idea how to highlight one wall in the bathroom, take a look below, and you will find many ideas that will make your bathroom to look more pleasant and attractive!

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

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Everything you think you know about AI is wrong

Artificial Intelligence is a concept that concerned people from all around the world and from all times.  But do we really understand A1 in the real world aside from the concept we see on movies?


Robots are coming for our jobs. Terminators will soon murder us all. There is no escape. Resistance is futile.

These doom-laden predictions probably sound familiar to anyone who’s read or seen any movies lately involving artificial intelligence. Sometimes they’re invoked with genuine alarm, as in the case of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warning against the danger of killer automatons. Other times, the anxiety comes across as a kind of detached, ironic humor masking the true depths of our dread, as if tweeting nervous jokes about #Skynet will somehow forestall its rise.

AI raises unsettling questions about our place in the economy and society; even if by some miracle 99 percent of employers agree not to use robots to automate labor, that still leaves many hardworking people potentially in the lurch. That’s why it’s important to talk about the impact AI will have on our future now, while we have a chance to do something about it. And the questions are complicated: Whose jobs will be at stake, exactly? How do we integrate those people back into the economy?

But the more I learn about artificial intelligence, the more I’ve come to realize how little most of us — myself included — really understand about how the technology is actually developingwhich in turn has a direct impact on the way we experience AI in the real world. It’s one thing to get excited about Siri andchatbots. It’s something else entirely to hear that certain fields of AI research are progressing much more rapidly than others, with implications for the way that technology will shape our culture and institutions in the years to come.

Killer robots may be much further off than you think

For something like the Terminator to become reality, a whole bunch of technologies need to be sufficiently advanced …



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