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iPhone 7 release date, news and rumors

“Apple won’t release its next-generation iPhone until the fall of 2016, so there are still months of development ahead. For the current time, Apple’s flagship iPhones are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, released to the public in September of 2015. Though it will be several months before the new iPhone 7 launches, rumors about the device started trickling out in January of 2016. We’ve already gleaned many details about the upcoming iPhone, giving us some information on what to expect when it debuts.”

iPhone 7 what we want to see

Update: The iPhone 7 back panel may have been pictured and the phone could be the same size and shape as the iPhone 6S, though it’s still unclear whether it will have a Smart Connector or not. iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to have the big upgrade for 2016: a dual rear camera and 3GB of RAM.

Looking for the iPhone SE? Then you’ll want our everything you need to knowarticle.

With the iPhone 6S, Apple delivered its best handset yet, but aside from sporting some fancy new 3D Touch technology, it was also very similar to the iPhone 6.

That was to be expected – after all, Apple typically only overhauls its handsets once every two years, but that overhaul is due with the iPhone 7, so we’re expecting and hoping for big changes: think a whole new design, piles of power and a bunch of new features.

The leaks, rumors and reports are already ramping up, although the iPhone 7 probably won’t arrive until late 2016. We’ve collected all the latest from around the web and beyond for you below, to give you the clearest picture possible of what you can expect from the new iPhone.

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Best Android apps of 2016: 28 apps you must try

“As 2016 quickly comes around, so do the New Year’s resolutions and plans for the year ahead. From realistic to outlandishly hopeful and everything in between, these apps should help make things a little easier. The apps that most people will swear that they cannot live without. These apps have become ubiquitous with Android and if you’re looking for good stuff it’s assumed that you have this stuff already. Without further delay, here are the best Android apps of all time!”

androidpit sony xperia Z3 1 6

Best productivity app for Android

Manually typing passwords takes a lot of time and remembering them all is difficult. Everybody has forgotten a password or two at some point in their lives. Enter Dashlane, the app which saves all of them so you can easily copy and paste these into online forms when necessary.

A common concern with password manager apps is whether you can trust their security service. Dashlane uses encrypted codes and regularly monitors them to ensure you have peace of mind.

What’s more, Dashlane streamlines and secures other types of data used in online forms, like credit card information. You can save financial details and quickly copy them onto your online shopping portal of choice. And it automatically saves the receipts of all your purchases so you can track your spending.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags

“We talk about hashtags a lot, but we haven’t stepped back to consider the basics in a while. Hashtags are a way for social media users to tag their posts with keywords, which in turn make them easier for social networks to organize and users to search — we all know that. Hashtags have become such a common practice these days that people have started using them outside of their intended purpose. People use them in text messages, chats, songs, and advertisements.”

This is the header image for The Do's and Don'ts of How To Use Hashtags blog post

Hashtags are such a prominent part of tech culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. In fact, the hashtag is so recognized that it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010, and the Scrabble Dictionary earlier this year (#standards). Yet even as most people have come to know what they are, many people still don’t understand how to use hashtags.

Hashtags, once your phone’s pound sign, now have a place on most popular social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. The hashtag is likely the most popular means of categorizing content on social media. It makes your own content discoverable and allows you to find relevant content from other people and businesses. The hashtag also allows you to connect with and engage other social media users based on a common theme or interest.

Knowing how to use hashtags is fundamental to your success on social media. Here are a few best practices to help you achieve that success.

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DIY Appliance Repair | How To Do It Safely At Home

Appliance repair can be just of a hassle specially when it happens as a surprise. Many owners worry about the costs of professional repair. In an effort to save money, a few of these homeowners go for do-it-yourself repairs. Just before deciding to proceed with DIY appliance repair, you must evaluate your skills. Should you have had knowledge about fixing appliances before, then it might come in useful now. Yet, safety mustn’t be taken lightly as these repairs could lead to critical injuries if not taken properly.”

Repairing your personal appliances can be quite a cost-effective method to fix failures. But for your safety, make sure you take the required safety measures!Repairing your own appliances once they stop working can be quite a great way to save money–but only if you do it right! One of the primary issues with DIY appliance repair is safety, thus before you dive headfirst into that washer repair or refrigerator breakdown, make certain that you are taking all important safe practices to protect yourself, your appliance, and your home.

Unplug It!

Almost all appliances make use of electric power, even gas appliances, so make certain you unplug the power source Before you begin working on the appliance. For tasks like gas dryer repair, also make certain the gas line is fully shut down to stop probably deadly gas leaks.

Don’t Go It Alone

Look for the owner’s manual and read the best way to repair the appliance by yourself. It really is firmly discouraged to repair an appliance without reading the service manual first. If in case no service manual can be obtained, you might check under the lid or somewhere inside the appliance where you can find simple instruction guidelines. Numerous appliances contain these printed set of operating procedures which aims to help their owners solve minor difficulties

Safety Equipment

Did you realize that if you don’t get the appliance repair right, you could be getting yourself, your household, and your home in danger? That’s because incorrectly repaired appliances can create fire hazards and even gas leaks. Understanding these risks, you ought to be extra cautions and make use of only the appropriate equipment for repairs. Don’t risk yourself by trying out some options. Also you have to have protecting gears like safety glass and gloves.

Although many people believe that DIY repairs are the best way to go when it comes to saving money, this isn’t always the case. At times you should rent some tools and get parts straight from stores, which may be lessened if technicians have discounts. Attempting DIY repairs on other appliances can actually cause even more damage. If you don’t have the best set of skills or stick to the right procedures, then you may cause further damage that’s a lot more expensive to fix. Before starting any DIY repair project, you must sit down and compare the costs of doing it on your own versus hiring a professional.

Do-it-yourself appliance repairs could be a cost-effective solution once your fridge, dishwasher, or other appliance starts acting up. Nevertheless, in order to increase your savings–and your success–ensure you’re smart about both safety and your own skill level. If you approach the dishwasher repair, oven repair, and other project right, you can actually get that trusty old appliance back to working efficiently again.

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

“Twitter is a social network used by millions of people, and thousands more are signing up every day to send short messages to groups of friends. But where’s the user manual for Twitter? Where do new Twitter users go to learn about Tweeting, retweets, hashtags and customizing your Twitter profile? Where do you go if you want to know all about building a community on Twitter, or using Twitter for business? How can you find advanced tools for using Twitter on your phone or your desktop? To answer all these questions and more, we’ve assembled The Twitter Guide Book, a complete collection of resources for mastering Twitter. Happy Tweeting!”


Do you have a parent, friend or colleague ready to ditch his or her digital training wheels and head into Twitter’s open wilderness? These pointers should get them started. And even Twitter experts might benefit from a quick refresher on the platform’s valuable tools.

First, the basics: What is Twitter all about?

It’s a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less. Twitter makes global communication cheap and measurable. Profiles are (usually) public — anyone in the world can see what you write, unless you elect to make your profile private. Users “follow” each other in order to keep tabs on and converse with specific people.

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Clothing Steamers and Fabric Irons | Which Is The Best

The truth is a clothing steamer has an advantage on the standard kind of iron since they pose next to no risk for the operator and they also do not damage clothing the way an iron can. It’s very easy to leave a fabric iron on fabric like chiffon or thin cotton for a second too long and burn it. Steam irons use heated water to get rid of the wrinkles from clothes and fabrics which could easily burn with traditional dry irons. They’ll use distilled water converted into steam by a special heating element. The hot mist comes via the holes on the sole plate and releases up the fibers of the clothes to smooth them out. When compared to the classic ones where you just depend on the heat, this kind of iron permit you to have more control and they press out wrinkles with ease.”

Have you ever been ironing a shirt and found it so difficult to use the clothes iron that the shirt ended up looking worse than once you began? For years, irons were heavy, flat tools that may either create smooth, wrinkle free clothes or with one misstep may lead you to skin burn. Steam clothes irons are a fantastic invention. Instead of counting on the heat of the actual clothes iron, these irons rely on the heat of the steam.

The dry iron is the most common type. This doesn’t call for water and simply has to be connected to the electricity and used after setting the desired temperature. While the other type is clothing steamer by which offers better ironing compared to dry model, as this uses water. As the hot temperature passes through the water in the iron tank, it produces hot steam in which escapes from tiny holes given in the base of the iron, and that is utilized in pressing the clothes.

Clothing steamers are also very adaptable and they do not take as much manipulation as the traditional flat iron. The garment hangs upright and steam is applied. The clothing steamer is equally as effective on very mild clothing wrinkling or on really obvious creases in the fabrics. It may even be used to press finish the look of pleats, hems, along with other kinds of creases. If you are seeking a safe and easy to make use of form of wrinkle remover, take into account trying a professional steam instead than just the usual iron. Even though irons have steam the mist just isn’t applied in exactly the same gentle way and there is risk of staining or spotting the fabric as a result.

With clothing steamers, there is no fear of overheating and damaging the material or under heating and struggling to press. If the water takes 4 minutes to get ready steam then the iron is ready to work nonstop for 40minutes. Depending on each brand and make, roughly 50 to70grams of heat is produced in a minute. The cord hooking up the iron the power peg is as lengthy as 1.7 meters. It comes with an embedded sole plate to make the iron retain its heat for a longer period. Normally about 2000watts of power must be used.

If you can, do a study on the popular brands of clothes irons and compare them collectively based on the features stated earlier and additional ones that they may have. Ironing clothes a fundamental household chore that can be made effortless, as well as enjoyable, if you have the right iron. Most irons are extremely inexpensive, even with the best and most advanced functions, and it is essential that you make a good investment on one; the returns is likely to make the expense more than worth it! But one thing is fo r sure, clothing steamer is encouraged to be considered.

How To Boost Your Kitchen’s Appearance

“Kitchen is among the areas in the house that we give much attention in terms of decoration. It is no doubt a costly area to improve that is why many homeowners attempt to carryout their own renovation or redecorating project. Regardless of how expensive or how lovely your appliances or kitchen equipment, it would still be futile if the kitchen layout is a disaster. Therefore should you be planning to do a kitchen renovation, you need to be aware of the mistakes that quite a few experiences.”

 You should stop considering cheap solutions that definitely won’t last for a long time. A lot of people commit the mistake of not getting quality materials or any kitchen equipment. Quality alternatives are considered to be a better acquisition of the long run. Lots of people get cheap wood alternatives for instance cheap plastics. Cheap plastics are harmful to health. Cheap varieties of wood require frequent replacement.

 Lighting and flooring are important aspects of kitchen renovation. When selecting the kind of floor you want to use, it’s important that you check it for durability and make sure it is made from a material that is certainly easy to clean. Also, put extra lighting to be sure you have the amount of light necessary to boost your kitchen décor.

Perhaps you don’t really need to totally demolish and reconstruct the whole kitchen but a aesthetic makeover will do better. You need to build a plan and try to stick to it. Try not to be impulsive on your decision as it might cost you much in the end.

Don’t ever get frenzied by looks at the expense of functionality. Be sure whatsoever installation you adopt serves a useful function further than its visual appeal. You need not to forget to provide enough storage and excellent functionality of your kitchen. People might have the inclination to forget to fit what you wish to accomplish in the kitchen, with how you design it. Ensure it is functional, check out ‘work triangle’ and look at storage carefully.

You definitely do not wish to walk in your kitchen early in the morning and find out that it still smells of that Sushi from yesterday! Ensure that your kitchen renovation design has enough room for good air flow and make sure to place an exhaust fan at a strategic location.

The best kitchen will always possess a wide array of appliances, serving many features. These appliances include refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, dishwashers and many others. Yet, just because you will need all these appliances doesn’t suggest that they must become an eye sore in the kitchen. They must be accurately concealed or placed in cabinets when not in use.

Avoiding these common errors can make it possible for you to have a kitchen that you can really enjoy and also your redecorating project will be a complete success.

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $55 million in talc-powder trial – Yahoo Singapore Finance

First we have the issue in Korea with the brand that produce dettol now this. i wonder what is save for use now.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) was ordered by a U.S. jury on Monday to pay $55 million (37 million pounds) to a woman who said that using the company’s talc-powder products for feminine hygiene caused her to develop ovarian cancer. Following a three-week trial in Missouri state court, jurors deliberated for about a day before returning a verdict for Gloria Ristesund. Ristesund said she used J&J’s talc-based powder products – which include the well-known Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder – on her genitals for decades.

Source: Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $55 million in talc-powder trial – Yahoo Singapore Finance