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Just a Touch: Faucets Without the Fuss

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. So if your kitchen is out of date and looks bad, the best solution is to improve and enhance the look of your kitchen faucets at home. All you need is a type of kitchen touch faucet.

Faucets that turn on with a tap of the finger, forearm or hand are great for messy hands or full arms.

It’s amazing how technology has changed the plumbing world. One item that is continuing to gain popularity, particularly in kitchens, is the touch faucet. These faucets or fittings have sensors located along the spout and handle of the faucet. With a quick tap from a finger, forearm or hand, the flow of water is activated. Although these faucets can also operate in manual modes, the touch mode is great for messy hands or full arms.

3 Common Types of Pillows

Pillows provide support and comfort to your head and neck when you sleep. These pillows make sleeping time comfortable. With no pillows, you’ll certainly find it hard to fall asleep at night. Lots of people have different inclinations when it comes to pillows. Getting a pillow just isn’t as simple as just grabbing one from the sale bin at your local shopping area! When searching for pillows, you will find that there are plenty of styles to select from that you may get overwhelmed.. There are pillows that address snoring, injuries, side sleeper pillows, pillows for stomach sleepers etc. Pillow styles range anywhere. Below are just a few types along with their benefits.

A. Latex pillows
Latex pillows are viewed as best among all kinds of pillows. They are created from high quality material that makes them very soft. For being soft and result oriented they are extremely popular among people. It’s a newest technology to ready pillows. They are actually great pillows for back and side sleepers. Natural latex is mixed into a pillow shaped mold with perforations; and what emerges is a spongy pillow. Latex pillows supply solid support for your neck, yet are soft enough to relieve pressure on your head. The perforations on the pillow prevent a buildup of heat and moisture, keeping the pillow at a constant temperature all night long. Additionally, it has holes which prevent moisture and heat accumulation keeping the pillows at even temperature through the night.


B. Contour pillow
A contour pillow is an orthopedic pillow which is often made of memory foam. It’s temperature sensitive foam which takes the shape of your body particularly the head and neck to provide support and maximum comfort. Using this orthopedic pillow is recommended for people who are troubled with neck pain and sleeping disorders. People who don’t experience these conditions can also use it for prevention or for a peaceful night sleep which results to a refreshed and great morning. Good mornings can result in a stress-free and very productive day.

C. Travel Pillow
When you’re rocked to sleep when travelling, an airplane neck pillow will be a great investment. They wrap around your neck and maintain proper posture and stability just in case you fall asleep on a trip. As the pillow wraps around your neck, it supports your neck irrespective of the angle you go to sleep, this guarantees a comfortable sleep while traveling whilst preventing any unnecessary strain too. If you travel with a family you will be interested in neck pillows for kids. The kids like to use them, because it helps them sleep soundly in an upright position.

With all these different types of bed pillows to choose from, you get to choose what you like. It will now all rely on your taste, budget and preferences.

6 Rose Color Meanings



Red: Love and Romance

Red: Love and RomanceSVETAP/ISTOCK
One of the most universal of all symbols, the red rose represents true love. It has also appeared throughout history and across cultures as both a political and religious symbol. Perfect for:Freaking out your first date; covering beer stains; wooing a hunky bishop.

Yellow: Friendship, Joy, Get Well

Yellow: Friendship, Joy, Get WellSVETAP/ISTOCK
Throughout history, yellow has been closely associated with the sun, making these roses excellent for cheering people up. Yellow roses send a message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. The color represents feelings of joy and delight. Perfect for:Tormenting your ex; worshiping Sekhmet or your solar deity of choice; picnics in the 1930s.

Lavender: Enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight

Lavender: Enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight

The Best Multiroom Wireless Speaker System


We’ve spent hundreds of hours over several months using six multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room and even outside, and we’ve ultimately determined that Sonosis the best multiroom wireless speaker system. It has a class-leading music ecosystem, excellent sound quality, and unparalleled ease of use. Because there is a variety of great-sounding speakers at different price points, just about anyone can get into the Sonos system with room to grow.

Our pick

$200 from Amazon
$200 from Crutchfield
Budget friendly, big sound

Sonos PLAY:1

The PLAY:1 sounds great on its own and is an affordable entry point to the Sonos system. A pair in stereo mode sounds even better.

The best part about a multiroom wireless speaker system compared with a series of Bluetooth speakers is that it connects directly to the Internet instead of relying on your phone or computer. Just select the music you want to play and the machine will do the rest, freeing up your phone to do other stuff—with no notification sounds or ringtones to interrupt playback. And you can play different music in different rooms, or group them together, all while maintaining independent volume control on each unit. If you’re not sure if that’s for you, the $200 PLAY:1 is a great starting point. It costs less than most high-end Bluetooth speakers, yet measures as accurately as speakers costing several times as much. You can also pair up two PLAY:1s in stereo mode to get an amazing-sounding stereo setup for just $400—no amps or speaker wire required.

Our pick

Bigger sound for larger rooms

Sonos PLAY:5

The Sonos PLAY:5 uses six drivers and amps to easily fill large spaces with full-range, detailed sound. They also sound great paired.
$500 from Amazon
$500 from Crutchfield

For your TV


This model is a great soundbar for your TV that also happens to be a part of the Sonos ecosystem.
$680* from Amazon

*At the time of publishing, the price was $700.

If you want something with even better sound quality, the PLAY:5 can compete withmid-range bookshelf speakers that require a separate amplifier. A single PLAY:5 in a horizontal arrangement creates a large soundstage on its own, while a pair can hold their own with similarly priced bookshelf speakers.

There’s also a soundbar option called the PLAYBAR, which has an optical input for pairing with your TV. It’s a great-sounding soundbar in its own right, but the Sonos integration makes it much more versatile.

Our pick


$700 from Amazon
$700 from Crutchfield
Add some bass

Sonos SUB

This unit adds deep bass with no wires.

If you want to add some bass, the Sonos SUB can be added to any of these speakers to firm up the low-end response. Its price is a bit steep, but the design with dual opposed drivers reduces distortion compared with single-driver subs. It also integrates automatically with the other Sonos speakers, setting the crossover correctly for a seamless blend. Combined with the PLAYBAR and a pair of PLAY:1s you can create a full 5.1 channel wireless home theater system.

There are a number of other speakers and accessories you can add to your system. The three-driver PLAY:3 sits between the small PLAY:1 and large PLAY:5 in terms of maximum volume, sound quality, and price. It’s the oldest model in the range, and we feel the PLAY:1 offers a better combination of …


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How to Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode – Quick Tip

Know the basics of your gadget so that you won’t fret when unforeseen incidents happen.


iPhone’s recovery mode is one of the two important modes (the other one being DFU) which comes in handy when you want to downgrade your iPhone. People often confuse recovery with DFU but this mode is different.

Recovery Mode vs. DFU Mode

DFU mode is device firmware update mode: this is where you get to update your firmware. DFU is similar to Recovery in the way the device behaves and iTunes detects your iOS device. But the main difference in Recovery mode is the function: recovery mode is the only mode where you can downgrade your iPhone firmware.

Recovery mode can also be helpful to restore your iPhone.

How to Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode

How to Put your iPhone in Recovery Mode?

Step 1: Disconnect the iPhone from your PC/Mac

Step 2: Make sure iTunes is open on your PC/Mac

Step 3: Press and hold Home and Power button for about 10 seconds / till the screen goes blank

Step 4: Now, release the power button but keep holding the Home button.

Step 5: Connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac via USB

Step 6: The iPhone display will now show the USB cable and the iTunes icon.

Step 7: iTunes will detect an iOS device in recovery mode. You’ve got your iPhone in recovery!


As said before, recovery mode is useful when you want to downgrade or restore your iPhone. For an update/upgrade, you might need to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Getting iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

Exiting the recovery mode is simple.

  • Press and hold the Home and Power button for about 15 seconds …


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Tempered Glass Table for Modern Home Look

Lately the word tempered glass has been flying around more rapidly. When you go to home sales, they would most likely boast their homes have this type of glass. In the event you see your local supplier, they will probably advise you to opt for tampered glass table. It is no longer only for the rich and famous but readily available for all property owners now. Thus, you ask yourself what’s the fuzz with this particular glass type?

There are several benefits to having tables made from tempered glass. They are stronger, for one, so they won’t break as quickly as regular ones. Additionally, simply because they don’t shatter, they provide safety for your family and your home. It’s different than the glass you are accustomed to and needs to be handled in a different way. Interior designers are opting to have this table over the traditional ones.

In addition to this, the tempered glass table is environmentally friendly and promotes sustainability. All this stems from the fact that the materials made use of in its production are recyclable. Usually, tables were made of wood. After a while, the wood would suffer wear and tear and eventually are discarded. Although some wood are recycled, many of them are brought to landfills to be burnt and wasted resulting in a never ending demand for wood and therefore environmental damage.

Tempered glass is tougher than your average table ans it can be produced from recycled materials. The materials had gone through a chemical method that increases its strength as well as causes it to be shatter into small round pieces rather than dangerous shards. You could have heard it called toughened or safety glass too. So, it’s a good choice for home tables.

Apart from being stylish and sustainable, it is also a safe piece of furniture. Each year, about 20,000 emergency cases are documented because of ordinary glass table. This is because regular glass table breaks into many jagged shaped pieces. That is harmful as it may cut arteries or cause several other serious injuries.

Nonetheless, in the case of the tempered glass table, the glass does not break in dangerous sharp jagged pieces. Instead, it smashes into numerous smaller pieces which cause no more than a small cut or a scratch. All of this is often attributed to its production process.

In comparison to normal glass, it is heat treated to increase its strength. As a result it can endure more force and stronger impacts. Furthermore, the microstructure of the glass is changed such that the glass shatters into smaller pieces as opposed to into few sharp and dangerous pieces if it breaks.

All of this can make it an obvious choice in choosing the furniture for your home. It offers your home a cutting-edge feel and at the same time guarantees the protection of its occupants. In addition to this, it will help you to play your part in preserving the environment.

Developers look to widen repertoire of Pepper, Japan’s laughing robot

I couldn’t imagine what would happen into this a world after 10 years. I would not wonder if robots will eventually overpopulate humans.

Japanese developers of a robot are asking the public to come up with ideas for what their waist-high humanoid can do and they are offering a software development kit for programmers to get creative.

The fast-selling robot, known as Pepper, can already laugh and serve coffee and is being used as a waiter, salesman and customer service representative in about 500 companies in Japan, including Nestle, Mizuho Bank and Nissan.

Now its creators, SoftBank Corp, have started offering a kit, Pepper SDK for Android Studio, that will allow programmers to develop new tasks.

The offer comes ahead of the July pre-sale launch …


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Singapore “4th Telco”

So there is finally a new player in the market to compete with Starhub, M1 and Singtel. Honestly i am not a fan of the big 3 but there isn’t really much of a choice here in Singapore is there? Especially so when you are talking about the telephone market. At least for internet we have players such as view quest (whom i am with now and am sufficiently satisfied with) and myrepublic (whom i used to be with which i found ok too).

Now how is going to do is up to anyone’s guess. If virgin with their charismatic CEO had failed before, can this new player make it in the market? I really hope they do but than judging from how they are renting the network infrastructure from M1 and how i feel M1 is lacking in many ways on top of which their only main selling point is the lack of plans that tie you down, i am guessing their market would really be more for the work permit holders whom won’t be in Singapore for the longest of time.

The lack of free incoming call is a concern for me too. Personally however much i hate starhub and singtel i feel like i am still stuck with them with no other alternative.

See article below for a full review:


So this Circles.Life is the 4th telco that we’ve been waiting for? Aww… I was hoping it would be MyRepublic!

I like MyRepublic too! And don’t worry, Circles.Life is technically not Singapore’s 4th telco. Instead, they’re what is known as a mobile virtual-network operator. This means that Circles.Life doesn’t own any of their network infrastructure, but leases it from M1.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because a similar joint venture with Virgin and Singtel was first launched in Singapore back in late 2001. Yep, that long ago. Sadly, that ill-fated attempt was way ahead of its time, and it folded after only nine months.

Source: Is The New Telco on the Block Going to Change the Scene for Singaporean Mobile Users?


If you are considering a new smartphone, this review might help you decide whether to go for Samsung S7 or not.


By Dan Seifert

Here’s the thing about smartphones: they are a lot better when they have big screens. Virtually everything we do with smartphones is enhanced by a larger display: messaging, playing games, watching video, reading articles, browsing the web, you name it. After all, when it’s stripped down to its core, the modern smartphone is little more than a touchscreen display in front of an ultra-compact, connected supercomputer.

But in order to have a big screen, you have to put up with a big phone, and to be honest, big phones are a pain in the neck. They are clumsy to hold and easy to drop, don’t fit comfortably in our pockets, look ridiculous on your arm when exercising, and are all but impossible to use with one hand. But what if you could have a phone with a big screenand be able to comfortably use it in one hand? What if it easily slipped into your pocket, yet still provided an immersive display that was great to watch video or play games on? And what if it still had a big enough battery to power that big display all day long, regardless of how much you used your phone?

Samsung is betting it has the answer to all of those questions with its new Galaxy S7 smartphone. The Galaxy S7 is actually two phones: the standard S7 ($650-$695, depending on carrier) and the S7 Edge ($750-$795, depending on carrier). It’s the Edge that truly tries to solve the big phone problem using Samsung’s unique curved display technology.

The S7 models aren’t hugely different from last year’s Galaxy S6 pair — in fact, they look almost identical. The Galaxy S6s were a watershed moment for Android devices: they were the first ones that could stand next to the iPhone in terms of design, materials, performance, and camera quality. So for the S7, Samsung didn’t rewrite its formula. Instead, it took what was good in the S6, refined and iterated upon it, and produced something much better.

And it fits in your pocket.

Between the two devices, the standard S7 is the less interesting model. It’s the most similar to last year’s phone: same size display (5.1-inch, quad HD, Super AMOLED), same materials (metal and glass, no plastic to be found here), same overall shape and design. It’s a little bit heavier and a little bit thicker than the S6, but not egregiously so in either category.

The S7 has adopted the Note 5’s curved glass back, which makes it more comfortable to hold, despite its thicker profile. The home button doesn’t stick out as much and the rear camera housing doesn’t protrude as much as before (again, likely because the phone itself is just over a millimeter thicker than the S6). It’s a more refined version of the S6, but overall, largely the same hardware experience.

The S7 Edge, on the other hand, has undergone more dramatic changes. While last year’s S6 Edge has the same 5.1-inch display as the standard model, the S7 Edge steps up to a phablet-class 5.5-inch screen (also quad HD, Super AMOLED, and fantastic to look at). That does make it taller and wider than before, but not nearly as much as you might expect.

The secret to the S7 Edge is in those curved sides that give it the Edge name. Samsung’s been curving screens on its phones for a …


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Love It Or Hate it, Instagram’s New Logo Is So Internet Right Now

“Personally, I don’t like the new logo but I don’t hate it neither. The app is still as it is so I wouldn’t mind having a new logo.”


Instagram revealed a new, updated design for themselves yesterday and naturally, many good people of the Internet lost it. (The New York Times NYT +1.32% called the resulting online explosion of strong opinions, jokes, GIFs and virtual hand-wringing a “freakout.”)

Gone was the leather-clad vintage camera icon Instagram had been rocking since launch five years ago and in its place glowed an abstract but simple graphic of a camera laid over a color gradient taken from the 90’s. As a icon change the new one caters to the current web aesthetic — but the critics aren’t having it.

Tim Nudd of ADWEEK called it “a travesty” and he joined a chorus of others wondering if it could be changed back. The Guardian’s Hannah Jane Parkinson was equally unkind,describing it as if “the camera was murdered, and chalk was drawn around its body. Murdered at sundown.”

As scary as change is, Instagram was long overdue for a logo change; Instagram’s icon stopped looking like it belonged on the Internet years ago.

When the company started in 2010, the service was all about giving your photos a “vintage feel” via filters and back then a …


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