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6 new at-home beauty gadgets for beautiful skin

“From fitness wristbands to the invention of Google Glass, it’s clear we are living in Generation Gadget. It’s fitting, then, that in the beauty aisles, there are now at-home devices for virtually every skin concern: sonic face brushes that speed-clean pores; microcurrent-powered massagers that promise to tone up slack facial skin; and hand-held devices with laser beams to smooth fine lines.”

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Get gorgeous skin at home

Some of these devices use technology similar to what’s available at the dermatologist’s office or the spa–but do the DIY versions work? There’s no easy answer. “When it’s approved by Health Canada or the [U.S.] FDA, it’s approved for safety, not efficacy,” clarifies Dr. Julia Carroll, dermatologist and director of Compass Dermatology in Toronto.

So adjust your expectations. A $500 off-the-shelf laser won’t pack the same heavy-duty power as a doctor’s $200,000 machine. That said, certain at-home devices can be a good complement to dermatologist procedures or spa treatments, says Carroll, especially when used as “maintenance” between visits.

Here’s what the experts say these innovations can and can’t do, and how to best incorporate them into your routine. Do note that if you have any skin or health conditions, you should check with a doctor before trying a device. Some gadgets are off-limits if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; take certain medications; or have moles, allergies or other issues. Always read the instructions that come with a device for any restrictions.

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A High-Tech Twist on Yoga

“Yoga is an activity that requires peace and precision in order to work. Practitioners are always trying to adjust their pose in order to get the best results. However, adjusting your position can be difficult when you don’t have a teacher on hand. Without these adjustments, practitioners can harm themselves while exercising. We all know the first yogis did not have stretchy pants to highlight their, um, alignment. They didn’t have yoga mats, props, or hardwood floors either. In the beginning, yoga was not about the stuff.”

yoga mat and app

For those of you who love yoga, but have trouble getting to class regularly, here’s a new high tech twist you might like: a talking mat that guides you through your routine and corrects your form as you go. Due late this year, the SmartMat is packed with sensors that track you as you move through asana poses like downward facing dog to half-moon to high lunge. The mat connects to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and its Android or iOS app provides real-time feedback. The app also lets you track your workouts over time so that you can see where you have improved and where you still need work.

Sounds cool, right? The price might be a bit of a stretch, though. Pre-ordering the SmartMat will cost you $ 297. Add another $ 150 if you opt to wait until it’s released and reviewed. But keep in mind that if it works as it says it will, you can skip the cost and inconvenience of your usual classes and practice yoga at home and on your own schedule.

“It could be ideal for someone who doesn’t live close to a yoga studio, can’t afford classes or doesn’t have the desire to attend a public class,” Mashable’s Samantha Murphy Kelly wrote last year when the SmartMat was announced.

Want something more reasonably priced and available right now? Loads of yoga apps exist to aid your practice. Here a couple of the best reviewed:

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