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The Best Travel Gadgets to Buy Right Now

“If it’s just something to keep you occupied on public transport, to assist your travels or that no holiday can do without, gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern age where travel and communication become commonplace. These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today’s travelers. Here are The best travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable.”

Call it a “Champagne problem,” but in the past few weeks, I’ve hit eight flights and too many time zones to remember! As a tech expert, writer, and global adventurer chasing the latest tech and science stories, I’m on the road as much as I’m at home. Whether I’m traveling to Kenya on assignment for CNN to write about how e-readers are changing education or diving in Bermuda for fun, one thing is for sure: I’m always surrounded by my go-to gadgets. Here are some pretty nifty on-the-road devices for fun, business, or anytime!…

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19 Long-Distance Relationship-Aiding Inventions

“You already know that being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy. The hardest part is all of the little things that you miss about having your love live in your shared home or right around the corner. They can’t feel each other. I mean Skype and WhatsApp are one thing but if you have ever been in a relationship, you know nothing is better than a touch, a hug or a kiss. In today’s world where the technology is advancing at such great pace, long distance couples too have some special innovations just for them. In this article we’ll see 19 gadgets that can boost your long distance love life.”

Touch-Connecting Bracelets

It’s never easy being apart from the person you love, but thanks to these long-distance relationship inventions, that distance can feel significantly smaller. Romantics would say there is no better use for technology than to make you feel close to the person you miss most.

Some of the pieces are pretty hilarious, like the long-distance kissing egg that mimics one another’s smooching style. Others, like the TapTap bracelet allowing you to send signals to your distant lover that you’re thinking about them, are sentimental.

The most discussion-worthy pieces among these long-distance relationship inventions are the numerous shared adult toys. Featuring everything from a molding feature to ensure realism (literally the most personal customization ever), to real-time interactive toys, the creativity of these pieces cannot be denied.

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Best keyboard: top 10 keyboards compared

“Keyboards are an essential part of our computers. We use computer keyboards mostly to type but in recent times we have seen a lot of diversification in the use and design of keyboards. Keyboards come in a variety of categories, from no-nonsense machines built for typing efficiency to sculpted ergonomic designs that cradle your hands and relieve stress on the joints. When shopping for keyboard, here are a few specific features to know.”

Best keyboard

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Keyboards matter more than you might think. Sure, they are the most prosaic of peripherals, so we tend to take them for granted. But given the sheer percentage of our lives that we spend hacking away at them, finding the right ones can be surprisingly beneficial – may even smoothing off the rough edges of our daily grind.

When you set out to buy a keyboard, you’ll be confronted by a surprising amount of diversity – there are cheap and pricey ones, mechanical and membrane ones, wired and wireless ones, wacky ergonomic ones and downright retro ones on sale. So we’ve picked out ten of the best, designed to suit multifarious needs and pockets.

How to select the best keyboard

It’s worth noting that if you demand the feel and feedback only offered by keyboards with mechanical keys, rather than keys that press a membrane, you might want to peruse our top 10 best gaming keyboards round-up. Gamers more or less demand mechanical keys, but mechanical keyboards tend to be very noisy, so can be frowned on in office environments – hence the fact that most non-gaming keyboards take the membrane route.

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Spring Farm and Garden Gadgets Guide

“There was a time when farmers relied solely on almanacs, luck and old-fashioned intuition to increase their yield and stay in business.  But with today’s ever changing technology, farmers have more tools than ever to help them excel at the trade. Gone are the days of drudging out a living using outdated tools and equipment. With the rise of high powered tools, safety technology, and mobile applications, farmers can make modern technology work for them. The following gadgets have proven useful in helping farmers make the most of this new technology.”

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Anything that can make the grower’s life safer, more efficient, or simply easier is a welcome proposition. Which is why there are dozens of companies at technology tradeshows like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and startups on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter gearing their products towards the agricultural operative.

Some of these products are more James Bond than farmer John or Jane, but they all add the important element of innovation to an industry that thrives on productivity. (The great product designs simply add a bit of aestheticism to the farm — who says you can’t farm and look good at the same time?) Just in time for spring, here is a sampling of some of the best new gadgets on the market for farmers, home gardeners and everyone in between.

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