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What Are the Dangers of Radiation During Pregnancy?

“Modern technology has undeniable benefits to technology and our electronics can be great tools to help us through pregnancy. It is likely an over-reaction to eliminate these things from our daily lives. It is important to keep the risks from low-level radiation in context with other known risks. The dangers from poor nutrition or alcohol consumption are likely much greater than those from radiation exposure; but when there are easy things to do to reduce exposure, we should avoid taking unnecessary risk.”

Pregnancy woman talking on cell, laptop in lap

With so much conflicting evidence out there regarding radiation and its impact on our health, what should or shouldn’t we be concerned about? This topic has received an increasing amount of attention recently from scientists, politicians, and the media. However, today, all we can say with certainty is that we are not certain what the health risks are, leaving many expecting parents confused.

New legislation has been sprouting up around the country to require labeling on cell phones about their radiation levels and potential health risks. Globally, countries such as Australia, Finland, Israel, France, and others have taken steps to ban or reduce usage by young children.

Much of this is in response to new studies and assessments of long-term cell phone use by the World Health Organization and European Commission. The concern stems from how rapidly we have moved towards wireless technology. Ten years ago cell phones, laptops and wireless networks were not commonplace. Today they are everywhere.

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The Impact of Gadgets on People and the Planet

“When it comes to gadgets, even environmental zealots tend to forget that everything we buy new comes from raw materials and therefore leaves a hole in the planet. While recycled items are a better option, they require energy to be produced and unless the company in question has a thorough green policy, that energy has probably come from oil or gas, the extraction of which has also left a hole in the planet.”

The Impact of Gadgets on People and the Planet

How much do you know about the materials that are needed to fuel our love-affair of gadgets? The electronics industry is a rapidly growing market worldwide, and upgrading to new styles and models is the coolest thing you can do. Most people do not consider the impacts of their techno-purchases on the environment or the people who make them, but the damage they cause is significant and, for some people, deadly.

The Human Impact

Bangka Island lies east of Indonesia and is home to the world’s tin mining industry. For centuries the island has been one of the world’s principal tin-producing centres. On-shore miners dig and search underground tunnels for veins of cassiterite, the principal dark mineral of tin ore, which is turned into solder and used by the electronics industry to bind components in gadgets. Solder is used in smartphones, flat-screen televisions, and tablet computers such as the iPad, which are popular in countries like the US and UK.  In fact, U.K.-based industry trade group Henkel states that the solder in an iPad or a competing tablet can be as much as 3 grams, which means that 5 iPads use as much tin solder as an average single car.

Thousands of Indonesians are required to work on Bangka Island to extract the tin required to make solder, and it is hard work, undertaken without machines and aided only by hoes and pickaxes. Tin is highly profitable for big business but for the local people who have to dig it up, it come with a higher cost. Human lives are lost due to problems associated with mining such as mudslides and mines collapsing, and statistics show that deaths of Bangka miners are increasing yearly as demand for tin grows alongside our love of cool new gadgets. Miners are often buried alive and it takes large teams and a huge amount of effort to recover their bodies from the rubble, but no one is compensated by the companies that profit from the mining.

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Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

“Modern technology is simply an advancement of old technology, the impact of technology in modern life is unmeasurable, we use technology in different ways and sometimes the way we implement various technologies ends up harming our lives or the society we leave in. What we call modern technology is technically not so new in most cases. For example, mobile phone technology has evolved with years, nowadays we use smartphones which have been an advancement of an ordinary mobile phone.”

Ultra-thin Quad-band Watch Mobile Phone

Technology is applied to the roles each individual fulfills during life. We use technology on a daily basis to accomplish specific tasks or interests. Modern Technology increases human capabilities and this technology has evolved with years. What used to work before, might not be working now, it must have got old or got replaced by modern technology. Let’s look at a simple example in Transportation technology, this technology has evolved with years, we used to use steam powered trains now those have been replaced by electronic trains which move faster than steam trains.

Modern technology simplifies life in so many ways and everyone defines technology in their own way. To some people, it means complicated electronic devices. To others, it means the source of the radical changes that are happening in all phases of life. Others define technology as science applied to practical purposes. Some people fear to use technology while others see it as the source of longer and more complete lives.  Below I have listed detailed points on Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology:



  • Easy Access to information: It has become very easy to get access to relevant information at any time anywhere. This has been possible because of modern technologies like broadband internet.  Lots of data is being published and indexed online, sites like Wikipedia and Youtube have great original content which can be used in research or entertainment.  Information is power and those who find information and use it well always succeed.  With smart gadgets like the iPad, iPhone, galaxy tablet, users can easily have access to information through these smart gadgets because they use the internet. So a user on a train can easily read breaking news while traveling, they can also buy and sell stocks while in the bedroom using the internet. These smart gadgets make it easy to access the internet and this simplifies the way we get information.

  • Encourages innovation and creativity – Since technology is challenging, it sparks the brain to workto its full potential.  In the past, it used to be very difficult to start a business, one had to have lots of capital and they even had limited access to business information. Today, it is very easy to start a business while at home. Let’s look at companies like which enable creative people to sell their works online, this encourages creativity. Another good example is which helps creative people get funds for their projects through crowdfunding. On this platform, creative developers post projects seeking funding from the community, this helps them generate lots of cash for their good ideas which latter leads to the creation of new Jobs.  The other creative works which have been facilitated by modern technology include  Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon,  etc

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Allowing Cell Phones in School

“As cell phones become increasingly prevalent among both adults and youth, many schools face an important question of policy — whether or not to ban the phones on school grounds. Arguments both for and against allowing cell phones at schools tend to boil down to appropriate use and the effects of the phone’s presence. Educators looking to make a decision for or against phones in the classroom generally need to look at both the positives and the negatives about allowing such devices.”

Cell phones can be equally useful and disruptive in a school setting.

Pro: Emergencies

Having a cell phone on hand enables a student to quickly summon assistance in the middle of an emergency. Incidences of violent attacks at a school, fires, kidnappings, medical emergencies and other emergencies can be reported quickly so that the appropriate authorities dispatched. Without the cell phones available on the scene, valuable time can be lost finding a nearby phone, dialing out of the school’s phone network, and finally contacting the authorities.

Con: Student Distraction

Cell phones, and especially smartphones, can present considerable distraction to their owners and nearby classmates. Distractions come in the form of text messages, phone calls, unrestricted Internet access and any number of entertaining applications. When set to run silently, these phones can also distract both when students are in class and during free periods that ordinarily could be dedicated to studying.

Pro: Parental Contact

Allowing students to carry cell phones gives parents the ability to contact their children whenever necessary. This can include during family emergencies or when a student may need to arrange a different method of getting home. Likewise, students can contact their parents to arrange a ride home when ill, or they can request a forgotten book or project be brought to the school.

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The Disadvantages of Gadgets on Students

“Modern technologies like television and computers provide identifiable educational advantages, such as greater access to information and more compelling presentations of that information. Over-use of technology, though, especially such gadgets as cell phones, iPods and video games, presents a whole range of problems which may interfere with a student’s ability to learn and attend to lessons.”

The Facebook generation uses many gadgets every day.

Social Networking

  • Students who use their computers or cell phones to participate in social networking sites may post material considered inappropriate by school authorities. They may also develop an unfavorable reputation based on those pictures or comments. Pictures of misbehavior can adversely affect their chances of getting into the university of their choice or of getting a job.


  • It is easy to become addicted to gaming, texting, talking on the phone or socializing online. Some students may attempt to do this in class, which disrupts their learning, and at home it detracts from study time. Kids putting in long hours on their gadgets will give less attention to assignments and may be irritable when they are away from their gadgets. They might also sleep less, which can slow down their thinking the next day.


  • In the past, children and young people filled up their free time by reading books, socializing, or engaging in active, creative play. A fixation on gadgets reduces participation in of all these, especially the aspect of creativity. Digital worlds can be vast, but they are always structured, not requiring the imagination and inventiveness of unstructured play. Some children become less creative and less able to entertain

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How to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

“Neglecting to clean your cell phone is a nasty tech habit to break this year. Cell phones have been proven to carry bacteria, germs, even feces.  Maybe the fingerprint trail for the latest, must-have game you are addicted to lies on your screen? Regularly cleaning your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player’s touchscreen, or any other touch screen device is essential for its upkeep and longevity. Learn how to wipe away those smudges with ease and how to avoid doing things your touchscreen would not appreciate.”

How to clean your smartphone

We recommend

To prevent your phone screen from accumulating dirt, you can use a screen protector. These stick to the screen to protect it against dirt. Change the protector when necessary and wipe the screen to remove any remaining dust particles. Screen protectors can also be useful to prevent your screen smashing if you accidentally drop it!

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6 high-tech gadgets for musicians and music lovers

“In this day and age, technology gives us endless ways to look for and listen to any specific song we’re looking for. With digital music available to us right at our fingertips, it’s now about finding ways to get the most out of our music-listening experience.  Technology and music go hand and hand. Music lovers are very picky about the sound, so you can’t pick just any speaker or headphone. These have been tried and tested by the music lovers in my family. Here, then, are six of the best gadgets and gear out there that are not only well-designed, they’re perfect for anyone who appreciates the high-quality, clear sound of music everywhere they go.”

pryma headphones rose gold

Photo by

Technology has drastically changed the way we experience music, whether it’s by helping musicians create stadium-quality sounds in their basements or by giving fans the ability to listen to their favorite music anywhere they go.

Now you can use your iPad to learn to play the guitar or have friends take turns playing DJ on the same Bluetooth speaker. Read below to discover more high-tech gear designed for artists, music lovers, and anyone in between. And check out the video above to get a better vibe of each gift idea.

Every year, so many new headphones that come out that it’s tough to find a pair that really stand out. Last month when the new Pryma headphones ($500) debuted, they certainly made an impression and redefined what a stylish pair of headphones could be.

The Pryma headphones are hand-made by Italian artisans using genuine leather, die-cast aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. They come in five color variations: Coffee & Cream, Pure Black, Carbon (Fiber) Marsala, Heavy Gold, and Rose Gold & Grey (pictured left) to match the new rose gold iPhone 6s. The headbands are interchangeable, if you can spare an additional $75 to get a second one. And each aluminum earcup is detachable. Just snap it out of its buckle-style attachment and you can pass it to a friend to let them listen in to your music.

These headphones are not just a style statement. Engineered by the high-end audiomakers at Sonus Faber, the audio quality is robust and warm. And unlike other big-sound headphones we tried, Pryma doesn’t let much noise escape the earcups—so you won’t have coworkers asking you to turn your volume down…

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15 Sensory Enhancement Gadgets

“In addition to being able to give the average person powers of eyesight that would rival a superhero, this kind of technology also has the ability to supplement the senses of visually impaired or legally blind individuals. Beyond novelty, sensory enhancement technology is becoming vital to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.”

Virtual Reality Home Gyms

Augmented and virtual reality technology has now gotten to the point where it can be used in smart sensory enhancement tools.

From an entertainment and marketing perspective, this kind of technology is prized for its ability to create extremely immersive multi-sensory experiences. For instance, Thorntons is a chocolatier that uses an in-store pod to enhance chocolate tastings with music and scents. Other gadgets that engage the full body include systems like Icaros by HYVE and the R70i Aging Experience.

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8 Hot Gadgets to Supercharge Your Summer

“Summer is rearing its sweaty head, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. You can finally stop using your gadgets out of resignation and start enjoying them! And there’s a lot to enjoy this year, with tech that helps you make the most of the great outdoors while giving you peace of mind about the great indoors you’re leaving behind. That means you have a million places to be and all of them are incredibly different: patio parties, beaches, camping weekends, and, unfortunately, the office. So, to make every place fun and easy, here are 8 gadgets you will need this summer.” 



The weather’s getting warmer, the streets are getting hotter and the siren song of summer is a-calling. Whether your M.O is to head to the nearest pool, venture out to the local lake or just bicycle around town, take along some gadgets for the ride.

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Whether it’s an extra charger to power your various devices, a stereo to enhance the mood or a bit of high-tech transportation, these eight new devices are begging for outdoor use. Some are practical, some are exciting and all are prime for this summer.

What’s your favorite summer gadget? Let us know in the comments…


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5 Awesome Gadgets For Lazy People

“Most technologies are meant to make our lives easier. It means that a large number of gadgets have been invented to make an increasingly lazy population even more passive. Some of them are so brilliant that they will convince you that lazy people are the smartest. Here are top 5 gadgets for the hi-tech couch potatoes.”

Awesome Gadgets For Lazy People

It’s a lazy Saturday and you’re at home in your favourite Spongebob boxers, away from all the professional responsibilities when suddenly you’re barraged with hordes of work from your mother.

Rest assured, you flip a switch and throw a tantrum equivalent to that of a three-year old toddler. We know the pain, we empathize. And for, MensXP brings you the coolest gadgets that will make the lazy you all the more lazier, and happier!…

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