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Best 25 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean

“Gone are the days when women were supposed to be at home doing the household chores all by themselves. Women nowadays are going out and giving their best shot professionally. With this growth, there is one problem that they are facing-balancing the work and home life. Obviously growing professionally and being independent, handling finances and contributing to the family is one of the best feeling.  However, raising the kids, taking care of the home, giving time to the family without compromising the quality of work at professional sphere is one struggle that modern women are facing.”

irobot roomba

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Cleaning your house should no longer be an insufferable chore if you make use of some high-tech gadgets and tools to help you around. New cleaning gadgets and smart tech tools appear every year on the market, but how do you know what’s good and what’s rotten? Most consumers will look for cleaning gadgets that are very easy to use and maintain but in the same time not cost an exorbitant price.

In order to save time and energy, tech-savvy persons should not only have at least one cleaning gadget in their house, whether we’re talking about a dishwasher, a smart vacuum cleaner or whatnot. Our professional and personal life is often very busy and we don’t manage to clean our house as we’d like to and hiring professional cleaners isn’t always the cheapest solution. So maybe investing in a house cleaning gadget is the solution you are looking for. Here are some of the best that we’ve managed to find.

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How To Physically Maintain Your Gadgets

“Keeping your gadgets clean and in mint condition takes a bit of work, but it doesn’t have to be hard. You know what we mean: Maintaining and keeping your gadgets in mint condition can be a very simple affair. So, we’re giving you very quick tips on how to keep your machines in tip-top shape.”

How To Physically Maintain Your Gadgets

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Keeping Your Smartphone And Tablet Well-Maintained

Protect the LCD screen with a screen protector. Whether it’s the film type that you stick onto the LCD’s glass, or a liquid that you wipe onto the surface, keeping your device scratch-free is the first step to maintaining its life.

Protect the device itself with a protective jelly or folio case. The jelly case will protect the device from the impact of bumping around in your bag, while a folio-type case will protect the device both from the impact, as well as keep its LCD from being scratched through daily use.

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Reliable Gadgets

“In the event that you are a tech nerd, then you should be encompassed by gadgets. With the present business such a great amount of fixated on innovation, there is no deficiency of tech instruments in the business sector. Right from a kid to an octogenarian, everyone is getting hooked to cell phones, iPhones, laptops and iPads. But at the same time, it is vital to take complete care of them. Most of them are expensive. So there is an additional pressure on the owner to maintain them properly.”


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Mobile CMMS For Smartphones, Tablets and iPads

No longer is your CMMS tied to a computer. According to MAPCON, its feature-rich Enterprise and On-Demand CMMS Software packages have gone mobile, saving time and money for users in countless ways. Consider, for example, how the company’s Mobile 9-1-1 Maintenance Dispatch Capability can improve your equipment-health-emergency response: A technician discovers a machine leaking lubricant onto the plant floor. Using a standard Android or Apple Smartphone, tablet or iPad, all he/she has to do is open the MAPCON CMMS app, snap a picture of the leaking equipment, attach it to an Emergency Work Request and tap “Send.” In mere seconds, maintenance management could be dispatching a fully equipped team to the scene with a Work Order and the right parts to make the repair. The crew can use their smart devices to directly access repair manuals, schematics and parts inventories in real-time, or, if needed, find and contact an authorized vendor for support. Once the equipment is back online, personnel can document the job with pictures and close the Work Order via a smart device.

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19 Coolest Gadgets & Gizmos for Dogs

“These are some of the coolest dog gadgets on the planet, and any one of them is sure to improve your dog’s lifestyle and give them a taste of the doggie good life. There have been many advances in high-tech dog products, linking up your smartphone to many of your dog’s daily routines. Choose any one of these for your dog and they’re sure to thank you in their own special way.”

19 Coolest Gadgets and Gizmos for Dogs- your dog (and you) will love these!

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Dyson Groom

The Dyson groom make quick work of all of that dog care that gets onto upholstery, carpets, and clothing. Dyson is known for making high quality vacuum cleaners, and they have really outdone themselves with this affordable dog hair solution. It’s designed to be used right at the source, and is said to get the undercoat before it ends up all over the house.

Tagg Pet Tracker

The Tagg tracker lets you drive right up to your dog when they get loose. It features GPS capabilities, which beams a signal so that you can easily track your dog using your smartphone’s maps app. No more lost dog worries and stress. You can even get text and email alerts so you know right away when they’re off the grid.

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Great Ideas! 15 Gadgets That Make New Moms’ Lives Easier

“It’s extreme being a guardian, regardless of what century you live in. Folks have it hard, and while there is more potential scrutiny now than there was even 20 years ago, we do have more technological advances that make our lives a bit easier when dealing with the kids than our parents did. Take a look at below simple and innovative baby gear that makes caring for your newborn much easier. It’s time to prepare yourself with all the best gadgets and gear.”

Cool Gadgets for New Moms

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When you’re expecting, it’s hard to know what you really need when your little one arrives.

And the last thing you want is to have a house full of useless baby products collecting dust. editor and mom-of-two (she recently welcomed her second daughter) Amy Jamieson helps take the guesswork out of which gadgets are really worth checking out.

From a formula dispenser to an on-the-go bottle warmer, here’s her list of indispensable tools for mamas who already have their hands full.

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7 Cool Gadgets for the Baby’s Nursery

“Not all child gadgetry is so trivial, however. Some tech toys make child rearing simpler,  like automatically folding strollers and self-warming baby bottles. Others help moms and dads monitor the health of their child, like smart scales and even smart socks. Some babies are already so conditioned to use touch screens on iPads that they’re confused by a tactile, non-interactive print magazine. Children as young as six months are playing with their parents’ electronic devices.”

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There are certain must-haves when it comes to outfitting a baby’s nursery.Crib, check. Diapers, check. Adorable little rompers, check. Some things you need to have and other things you just want to have, either for convenience or the pure fun of it.

The following gadgets certainly aren’t essentials for feeding, diapering, or outfitting a baby, but they do come in super handy for making your life and the baby’s entry in the real world a lot easier. Is that enough to make them worth it?

Here are seven cool gadgets to consider.

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Spy Gadgets for Adults

“Spy gadgets are items that have high caliber, very effective, and not implied for youngsters by any means. They can be utilized for home security, pointless fooling around, or for exploration that requires stealth. Due to the wide selection of spy gadgets available, buyers are mostly hindered by their imagination, budget, or the variety of products available at their local shops, if they’re not purchasing the gear online.”

Spy Gadgets for Adults

Spy gadgets can be found in speciality stores, big box stores, and online auct\ion websites like eBay. Some shops even specialize in providing spy gadgets for adults. Before making a purchase, though, buyers should be aware of their city’s laws regarding spy gear. It might not be legal to record a person without his or her knowledge and consent, for example.

Types of Spy Gadgets

From hidden cameras to tracking devices and keyloggers, there are all kinds of electronic devices that can be used to spy. The spy gear industry is doing well, with devices available in a wide variety of price ranges and quality. For anyone in the market to buy spy gadgets, the available choices can be overwhelming. It helps to know which categories the majority of spy gadgets fall under. For example, while both tracking devices and keyloggers are generally considered spy gadgets, their purpose is so different that they can hardly be grouped together in any other category.

Spy Cameras

Perhaps one of the most common types of spy gear, a spy camera is a small, hidden camera. It can be purchased already hidden in everyday objects like clocks, pens, and iPhone docks. A popular type of spy camera is the nanny camera, also known as the nanny cam. This kind of camera generally comes hidden in a children’s toy and is meant to film caretakers to ensure they’re doing their jobs as instructed. Sometimes spy cameras are purchased as standalone cameras; however; it’s usually just a tiny camera that can be placed in an inconspicuous area.

Mobile Phone and Computer Monitoring

Mobile phone monitoring devices are usually universal serial bus (USB) flash drives that extract data from a phone. Typically, they extract specific pieces of information, like calendar appointments, text messages, and contact lists. Depending on the type of phone, it may also be possible to continue receiving information from the phone through music or gaming applications.

Computer monitoring works in much the same way. By using a USB stick meant for spying, the user can install an application on the computer that monitors keystrokes and takes timed screenshots. Once installed, the USB stick is removed until the user wishes to view the information gathered. Then, it’s plugged back in, and all the stored data can be viewed on another computer.

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