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Top Secret Tiny Tech: 11 of the Stealthiest Spy Gadgets

“Do you have someone for whom you need a present but would classify as naughty and not nice? Do they have a desire for gadgets to make them feel like James Bond? There are spy gadgets designed to go undetected, products that were once considered science fiction, but can be purchased without needing to be a part of an elite secret service or military branch. Some of these spy gadgets barely squeak by as legal.”

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From the wannabe James Bond next door to agents of the CIA and other shadowy government entities, spies of all caliber have a wealth of incredibly stealthy technology to help them listen in on conversations, take covert video, scan faces in crowds, snatch a suspect’s DNA and destroy their own data when compromised. These 11 crazy spy gadgets, from low-tech DIY projects to top-secret experiments, will have you feeling paranoid that somebody – or something – is watching you.

Robotic Roaches

As if roaches, beetles and other creepy-crawlies weren’t already unwelcome in your home, you’ll be even warier of them as they gain disturbing spy capabilities thanks to the latest in cyborg tech. In 2006, Tokyo University researchers created an army of zombie cockroaches that can be directed by remote control; scientists are now taking their work one step further by using the cockroaches’ bodily functions to power the CPUs and radio components of spy devices.  Researchers have also been able to create remote-controlled cyborg beetles by attaching computer chips to the brains of the insects, equipping them with cameras and other devices.

Face-Scanning Sunglasses

Crowds at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be subjected to face-scanning software hidden in the sunglasses of police. The new technology, which consists of a small camera fitted to the glasses, can capture 400 facial images per second and transmit them to a central computer database, which can store up to 13 million faces. Working at a distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet), the devices will help law enforcement identify those involved in brawls and other illegal activity.

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Best New Technology Gadgets & Gifts in the Year 2015-16

“There are many little & tiny jobs, Which we’ve to do manually in our routine life, While we’re so busy, But we want them to do automatically without any tension, So Technology make it possible, As after some years ago, we did not know about many Tech Gadgets, But we’re using as they’re made only for us. No doubt, Technology made our life very easy as we want, So we’re sharing some Best Technology Gadgets in 2015-2016, So that you may Use Technology Gadgets as Gifts to make your life more luxury.”

tech world

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Notion is a smart intelligence system developed by kick-starter, Which use to detect anything into home & office as; door open or close, water leak, any sound, temperature etc., So you can monitor your home and office using Notion device being detected with your smartphone application. You can buy now at $100/ hub & sensor.notion-technology

Apple TV:

Apple has introduced interesting idea with launching Apple TV in 2015, Which is a best deal at just $

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K:

It’s a best drone of Yyneec & DJI, Which design it within reasonable price to Get Stunning Photos with it’s digital camera advance features. You can buy at just $1120.YuneecQ500-technology-gadget

Galaxy View:

Samsung has released Galaxy View to use latest android apps such as on Portable PC, As it’s cost is $600.galaxy-view-technology-gift

Roku 4:

Roku 4 is cheap from Apple TV, But sound quality is best than Apple TV, So you can buy at just $120.latest technology

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iPhone 6s review: While Apple’s latest iPhone looks the same, 3D Touch will change how you interact with your iPhone. Plus: iPhone audio reviewed

“As expected, the design of the iPhone 6s is essentially the same as the iPhone 6, but there are a few slight changes, as well as a brand new colour option. It’s pretty difficult to really understand how great this is until you’ve tried it, as it’s all about how it feels to the buyers. It doesn’t just boast impressive new features, the boosted internals provide you with a much faster iPhone than you’re used to, and tasks that would take seconds on our iPhone 6 Plus took a split second on the iPhone 6s.”

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The iPhone 6s is on sale in the UK, and we’ve spent a lot of time with the smartphone to bring you our review, discussing the new 3D Touch features, the Rose Gold model, Live Photos and more.

iPhone 6s review: 3D Touch, Live Photos & more

The highly-anticipated iPhone 6s was announced alongside the iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and Apple TV at a special event hosted by Apple back in September 2015. Apple’s iPhone 6s was promised to be faster than its predecessor whilst boasting a feature that Apple compares to the introduction of multi-touch (the technology responsible for the touchscreen mobile boom), called 3D Touch. But does Apple succeed in creating a new type of interaction that we’ll be seeing on other smartphones in coming years? Or has it fallen flat on its face? Find out in our review.

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Six Best Tech Gifts For Teens Who Love Gadgets

“Technology has brought about a revolution in all the aspects of our lives. Today, with the help of technology, we do not only accomplish what seems to be impossible even a few decades ago, it has also helped us add new dimensions to our lives. There are some of the numerous electronic gadgets available which have proved to be worthy of having. Teenagers these days are far more advanced and they want be done quickly and easily. These tech gadgets would certainly help them accomplish their goals much more effectively and efficiently.”

tech gifts for teens

Teenagers may be uncommunicative, distant and difficult, but there’s one language they universally understand and appreciate: technology.

So when it comes to buying Christmas gifts to make teens happy (at least temporarily), you can’t go wrong with gadgets.

Whether your teen is selfie-obsessed, a phone addict, a music lover, into computers, programming and robots or simply likes to tinker, there’s a tech gift out there for them.

While tried-and-tested Christmas gift staples like portable speakers and a tough-to-trash digital camera are always a good bet, there are also a bevy of tech gifts that encourage teens to be inventive and analytical. If creating DIY gadgets like gaming devices and learning to code them and make up new games sounds like your teen’s dream, check out Technology Will Save Us for a great range of make-’em-yourself gadgets for kids and teens of all ages.

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10 high-tech gadgets to pamper your pet

“Keeping a pet healthy and happy used to involve nothing more than quality food, regular vet checks and attention. Pet ownership has become a lot techier. All kinds of gadgets are invented and improved upon these days to increase the quality of life and your relationship with your pets.  Some gadgets for pets are fairly practical, tracking their location or the amount of exercise they get every day, while others veer into the absurd, like stair lifts for fat dogs or devices that tweet their activities.”

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No matter how rough times get economically, we still love to pamper our pets.

Americans spent more than $61.4 billion on their pets in 2011 (the most recent figures available), according to a report by the U.S. Department of Labor. The average household spent more than $500 (beyond the typical amount for alcohol and men’s clothing). And tech companies are looking to get a slice of that pie.

As the wearable revolution spreads in the two-legged world, a segment of the market is focusing on our four-legged friends. And other gadget makers are turning their attentions there as well. Whether pet owners will respond remains to be seen, but they’re certainly not wanting for options. Here are some of the high-tech toys available to pet owners.

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Future gadget batteries could last 10 times longer

“While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they’re still limited by power. The battery hasn’t advanced in decades. But we’re on the verge of a power revolution. Big technology companies, and now car companies that are making electric vehicles, are all too aware of the limitations of current lithium-ion batteries. While chips and operating systems are becoming more efficient to save power we’re still only look at a day or two of use on a smartphone before having to recharge. That’s why universities are getting involved.”

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Batteries continue to be the bane of mobile devices, but research done at Northwestern University could change that, with longer-lasting batteries that charge in minutes, not hours. The new science shouldn’t increase the size of batteries but instead modifies the chemical reaction that takes place inside lithium-ion power packs, allowing for 10 times the capacity, says PC Mag. Don’t run out to the store looking for these batteries just yet, though: They are not expected to hit the market for three to five years.

According to Northwestern’s Professor Harold Kung, the longer-lasting batteries take advantage of two new processes. First, the number of lithium-ion atoms in the battery’s electrode are boosted by using silicon in place of carbon between sheets of graphene in the battery. It sounds complicated, but the gist is this: Silicon works 24 times more efficiently with lithium ions compared to carbon, which is used in traditional batteries.

Second, the research team scored the graphine sheets with microscopic holes, allowing the lithium ions to travel faster within the battery. These techniques improve both the recharge time and density of lithium ions, which equates to longer-lasting batteries with fast recharge times, perhaps as little as 15 minutes. Kung explains the process as having “[T]he best of both worlds. We have much higher energy density because of the silicon, and the sandwiching reduces the capacity loss caused by the silicon expanding and contracting.”

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Five Simple Tips to Increase the Life of Your Phone’s Battery – From the Guys Who Built It

“At the end of the day, batteries have a finite life-cycle and you can’t extend their life indefinitely. Following the tips above will help, and will certainly keep you safer when using the phone. Aside from that, there are a couple of small things you can try. Make sure you’re using the phone’s battery saver app.”

Five Simple Tips to Increase the Life of Your Phone's Battery - From the Guys Who Built It

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Properly charging your smartphone is essential for maintaining the health of your battery, and ensuring better battery life and increased safety in the long run. Simply plugging your phone in as soon as you get home and leaving the charger on until you leave in the morning is not the right solution. Since there is a lot of different advice floating around on how to charge your phone, we decided to get you tips to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery from the guys who built. Here’s what they told us:

1. Don’t let your phone overheat
Heat is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries, the kind most smartphones use. “You should take basic precautions like not keeping your phone on the dash board of the car where it will get a lot of direct sunlight,” says Xolo R&D team. You should also avoid charging your phone while playing graphically intensive games, because that will also raise the temperature of the phone and harm the battery, they added.

The ideal charging temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius, according to a OnePlus product manager.

2. Don’t use your phone while charging
In general, avoid using the phone while it is charging. This is called parasitic charging and this kind of usage can apparently be quite damaging. “Small amounts of usage load stop the battery from entering a full charging cycle, damaging the battery,” says Xolo.

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Top 7 Business Gadgets with Great Battery Life

“For business users, poor battery life is more than just a nuisance: A dead smartphone, tablet or laptop means you can’t work when you need to. Speedy performance, high-resolution displays and handy software won’t get you far if your device is out of juice. Good battery life often comes at the expense of good specs, but it doesn’t have to. Here are seven powerful mobile devices from 2013 that will keep you working all day long. Bear in mind that all battery-life estimates indicate runtime with continuous use; with average use, expect these devices to last till bed time.”

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 might just be the best business phone ever made, and its long battery life helps earn it that title. Samsung managed to cram in a big 3,200-mAh battery behind the Note 3’s 5.7-inch display, so expect the device to comfortably last through your workday and beyond — about 10 to 11 hours of continuous use. That’s no small feat for such a powerhouse handset. In addition to sporting a huge screen, the Note 3 is blazingly fast. Both of those features make the built-in Multi Window feature — which allows you to run two apps side by side — even better. Moreover, the included S Pen stylus is a huge plus for business users.


If you need battery life above all else, this is the smartphone for you. Lasting up to 13 hours of continuous use, the LG G2 outlasts just about every smartphone on the market. The phone pairs great battery life with a roomy 5.2-inch display and a fast quad-core processor. And alongside Samsung, LG is one of the few smartphone makers packing in true multitasking functionality. The G2 QSlide function lets you open multiple apps on the home screen in separate windows. That’s a plus for business users who need to juggle tasks such as responding to email while conducting research in a Web browser.

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15 New Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

“Men do love gadgets too. From newfangled apps to massive home entertainment overhauls, if they can find an excuse to upgrade a gadget, they’ll take it. To help them wade through the mass of new technology and products that come on to the market every day, there are gadgets that I’ve found men want. Whether you’re the kind of man who wants a gadget that lets you control your computer with just a pinch, squeeze and twirl of your finger, or if you’re more into vibrating fingertips, they got that too.”

15 New Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

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It’s finally happening: All the technology we’ve been so enthusiastic about over the last decade is being honed and tweaked to perfection, and crossing over from gadget to gadget. Our devices are becoming easier to use and more intuitive, and activity monitors now provide alerts and smartphone connectivity. We have connected cameras, compact and powerful electric motors powering skateboards, and drones with high-def cameras that will follow you around the slopes like your personal flying camera crew.

This exceptional, game-changing gear could make 2015 your greatest year ever. Here’s your shopping list.

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8 Productivity Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

“Most everyone will agree that gadgets that help improve day-to-day productivity are essential in the fast-paced business world.  With so much of your life spent at the office, it’s more important than ever to make your work environment as healthy as possible. Yet most of us simply don’t feel we have the time or resources to make our physical well-being a priority at work.”

8 Productivity Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Who among us hasn’t embarked on an initiative to make our work habits or our personal lives more organized? Before diving headlong into planning and execution, however, it makes sense to evaluate the tools you have to see if they’re still up to the task. Instead of replacing existing tools, though, these eights gadgets can improve your productivity in ways you hadn’t even imagined.

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