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Xiaomi Mi Note gets benchmarked, overtakes the Mi 4

If you are into gadgets, you probably have heard of Xiaomi taking over Samsung and Apple in terms of sales for the past few months. This brand has been taking a lot of positive feedback due to its efficient performance and cheaper price. Just take a look of these two new phablets launched just yesterday. You might want to get a new one for yourself.


A few hours ago, Xiaomi took the wraps off its two new phablets – the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro. While the latter comes with the best possible specs for this day and age, the “lower-end” Mi Note is probably worthy of flagship status too, despite not coming with the latest chipset or screen resolution.

It will be cheaper than the Pro model, though, which could mean it’s going to be good enough for many people. And if you were wondering how it performs in benchmarks, we already have the answer for you.

Xiaomi Mi Note AnTuTu benchmark results

Someone was kind enough to put the Mi Note through the paces of the AnTuTu benchmark while playing with it at Xiaomi’s …


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Metal Roofing: Top 4 Metal Roof Shades



Roofs are among the things that are seen and recognizable from afar by your guest or neighbors. You might not take much of your care in selecting the right roof color but surely its smart to have one that completely satisfy your home. There are lots of colors available now so there is a tendency that you get confused in your decision. To guide you on your roof color decision, read this guide.

•    Neutrals

Neutral colors tend to be the safest and most common colors used by many. These colors can quickly attract a lot of people and it is the best option if you want a roof that can easily catch the eye. Neutral colors are gray, black, white.

For gray color, modern house with elements of black and white perfectly matches this roof color mainly because it instantly provides that classiness and sophistication to the residence. You can’t ever fail with grey as it’s timeless and never ever goes out of trend.

•    Earthy colors

These colors aid in blending together your home with the surroundings. Some of the best earthy shades are: gray-blue, brown, sage green and olive green.

You ought to observe that these colors generally accentuate homes that happen to be made out of stones, wood along with other earthly materials. Should you be undecided about the most effective earthly color which you can use, you must use a professional who’ll guide you.

•    Bright colors

It can be rare to discover bright colors being used on metal roofing. For the reason that the colors tend to be hard on the eyes plus they are likely to detract the attention of people. Despite the fact that, the colors have these disadvantages, they make it simple to direct people to your property.

A lot of the bright colors that can be used are: red, blue and orange. It’s advocated that you ought to utilize these colors with extreme care given that they can certainly break the look of your property.

•    Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors are colors which are found opposite each other on the color wheel. The most effective way of utilizing these colors is making sure that the color in your home is different from that of the roofing.

For instance, if your residence has red bricks, you have to have a green roof. For more information about contrasting colors you have to consult someone skilled who will assist you. You should also search online and you will definitely acquire some recommendations.

At the end of the day, it remains your decision that will prevail. Just never forget to observe your surroundings, check your neighborhood and consider the climate in your area since they might be a deciding element for your roof color.

5 Easy to Remember Home Fire Safety Tips



Just the mere thought of fire is petrifying. There are lots of things fire will ruin and its threat to life is the major reason for fear. Expecting situations is the ideal way to conquer them, in the same way by fireproofing your home; you are able to keep away from future losses and damage of property and life in the home.

You might think making your house fireproof is tough and really costly but that’s just erroneous. In just 5 easy ways, you may make your home a safer place for your loved ones. When you find yourself still doubtful, just think of the worst which could happen to your dwelling.

1. Make sure to Have Fire Extinguishers

Usually we find ourselves’ leaving behind the fire extinguisher within the store-room or covered under a pile of other stuff, or on top of that, we just easily forget to store one at all. Fire extinguishers are relatively less costly than other fireproofing tools and does not use up a lot space. It is significant that fire extinguishers are kept handy, at locations which you can use it speedily with no delay.

2. Set up and Routinely Check Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Due to the fact fire can start just anywhere in the home, we cannot continually be on the lookout 24/7. As soon as the fire starts, you simply can’t just easily pick up on it with your own senses instantly. You’ll just notice it if the fire is already big and extremely hard to put out without the assistance of firemen. This is basically the major reason why it is important that you install smoke detectors and alarms to warn you always. By far the most critical place in the house that there must be smoke detectors is the kitchen. But if you have extra money, you may as well put up in areas where there is too much use of electrical energy.

3. Clean your Junk

Try to minimize junk and keep only those that are essentials. This is because fire can easily spread should there be a lot of flammable items such as wood, cloth and paper. Many fires incidents are of this class. Therefore begin freeing up your clutters so that you can possess a fireproof home avoiding accidents.

4. Fireproof Carpeting and Furniture

There is also what we call flame retardants and other chemicals that are being applied to furniture to fireproof them. When these are put into flammable materials, it can limit and reduce the effect of fire to the house.

5. Keep an Eye on the Lint Traps

Lint traps can go unmanageable in a jiffy. Always keeping a close eye on the lint trap and cleaning it often can cut down on blocking, and won’t cause overheating. This will help stop residential fire.

6 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick

Every parent would want to have a healthy child. That hospitalization bills is never an issue because you know that your children is far from getting sick. But far more from the financial aspects, it is the truly the kid’s wellness that we want to ensure. But how do we do that? Is there really a secret?


child washing hands



Keep hands clean

Regular hand-washing dramatically reduces the passing of respiratory and gastrointestinal illness, so get your kids in the habit of scrubbing up (or using a hand sanitizer) when they leave preschool or day care, after every playdate, and before they eat. Teach kids to sing “Happy Birthday” to themselves twice before rinsing — scrubbing for 15-20 seconds is key.


child catching snow in mouth



Be active every day

Studies indicate that regular, moderate exercise can reduce the number of cold and flu episodes that occur over the course of a year by 25-50 percent, possibly by boosting the circulation of infection-fighting cells. “Exercise is better than any advertised cure or miracle,” says Harley A. Rotbart, M.D., Parents advisor and author of Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (Without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections (ASM Press, 2007).


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Audio equipment maker Monster sues Beats over alleged fraud

Have you heard the latest news of your favorite headphones? There is now an ongoing complaint of Monster to Beat’s co-founders which include the famous Dr. Dre. Seems like things are not going well with Beats and its partner Monster LLC huh?


A woman holding her mobile phone walks past an advertisement for Beats headphones outside an electronic store in Tokyo August 28, 2014.  REUTERS/Yuya Shino

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(Reuters) – Audio equipment maker Monster LLC has sued Beats Electronics LLC, owned by Apple Inc (AAPL.O), over alleged “fraud and deceit” in the way that Beats acquired control of the rights to the popular “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones.

Under a partnership formed in 2008, Monster and Beats developed “Beats by Dr. Dre”, a line of colorful, high-end headphones that vie with the likes of Skullcandy Inc and Bose Corp.


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New Lighting Technology: LED Lights

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Since early 1960s, LED lighting had been used as opposed to what a lot of people view that it’s a brand new technology. LED lights were first discovered in 1907 but it is in 1962 that it was used by as an indicator lights for military use. Since then, it had been constantly improved and finally put to use by industry and homes when it was already cost effective enough for buyers. Its use became a standard in several industrial application and house need. LED became a sensation since people realize it as an efficient choice in terms of energy-saving and environment conservation in comparison with other regular lighting. However you can still find some have not switched yet to LED as they believe it is costlier.

Check below the below advantages and benefits from LED lights when compared with standard fluorescent.

A.    Less heat – A LED light bulb produces minimum heat and is viewed as the safest type of light source because it does not produce hazardous gases nor emit radiation. Minimum heat will also mean that there is a less load to air conditions in terms of cooling the space.

B.    Durable and long lasting – We have already told you that LED lights are made up of solid semi-conductors. This really makes them relatively more robust when compared to the gas filled fluorescent lights. Apart from this durability, the LED lights are also known to endure longer, removing the need of frequent replacements. Additionally, you also get to spend less on the maintenance and replacement part.

C.    Less noisy – The longer you’ve been using a fluorescent bulb, the noisier it becomes. In fact, the low buzzing sound emitted by these bulbs could be a mood spoiler. However, the LED bulb operation is a lot more silent.

D.     Much Safer – LED lights are really safe as they have no harmful materials compared to normal lights that have mercury which is known to harm the planet and the health of people.

E.    Eco-friendly and pocket friendly – LED lights make use of much less power than standard lights, LED versions use 20-30% less energy. This means you can have the same amount of light (or more) yet your electric bill or your energy consumption is much reduced. In addition, if you want to cut back your carbon footprint, this is the most suitable choice for you.

So if you are looking for new lighting, LED is one among the effective, safe, cost-efficient and energy-saving choice for you.

Juicers: The Best Investment For Your Health


If you want to take pleasure in the rewards of freshness, fullness and flavor of juices, it is suggested to invest in a juicer. Not just that you can assure that the juice you happen to be consuming is definitely the real deal since you made it yourself, you can benefit also from the power to shed weight. When you discipline yourself in making juices rather than pigging out processed fast foods, you’ll be able to assure great results in no time.

A lot of kids are obese due to canned artificial sodas and processed snacks stuffed with fat and calories. By introducing to children while they are young the juicing benefit of keeping healthy and slim, parents set up a custom that the children can hold into adulthood. They will be passing on juicing benefits that will stop their children from eating junk options

Juicing also benefits dieting in several ways. To start with, it’ll make you feel full. Next, it could give you more energy and strength so that you become more active and becoming more active is part of every diet plan. It’s going to take off weight quickly. Even stubborn fat melts away when raw juicing is added to a diet or becomes the main element of a diet.

Juicing advantages for any diet also include detoxing and purifying of the blood when working with raw organic ingredients like wheatgrass and dark leafy veggies. The juicing benefits from raw foods are so vital that healthcare facilities include raw juicing within their healing routines. So if you are dieting, detoxing and cleansing of the blood helps to eliminate toxic residue, fat and waste from the bloodstream, and helps cure the liver, which is processing center for fat and its elimination.

Juicing benefits for a diet can also include reshaping your body. As you add raw natural juice to your diet plan, you become healthier and slimmer. Being pleased to the way you feel and look carries remarkable subliminal effect on your psyche, allowing you to feel motivated to achieve your health goals. When your mood is lifted and you are feeling motivated, the many benefits of juicing begin working again by continuing to nurture the body to ever healthier levels. For people on a diet, it’s a mutually beneficial situation.

In fact, you are just tied to your own creativeness when it comes to juicing. Just about anything is quite possible and ultimately there are no rules since it just matters to your personal tastes and physical requirement. It is advisable to opt for fruit and veggies that are rich in fiber and nutrients needed for your everyday activities. When you have special conditions, you may go to your doctor and dietician for them to advise you on the best choice.

Picking the Best Security Safe

Whenever we want to secure our possessions, we usually put them in the cabinet with locks. Yet a much more secure way to retain these valuables is thru safes. Safe for homes are metal structures that are a way simpler than what large banks have. They are usually weighty in weight, and quite often come in a square, or box shape that offers people simple to operate options when attempting to keep valuables in them.

A.    The Need

The first aspect you’ll want to look into is the intent behind the safe. Why is it that you require it? The response to that question will dictate what type of safe you should get. There exist a number of safes in the market nowadays so you’ve to know their pros and cons, and what they are meant to protect. For instance a safe for computer media, you need to get safes that are constructed using a dry fill that does not release moisture.


B.    The Protection Kind

The one error many buyers make is choosing a good safe for the wrong kind of protection. For example, it could be annoying to use a floor cabinet as a fireproof safe because it has harder surfaces surrounding it or start using a fire resistant one to pass for a burglar one. In case you have docs or money you want to protect from fire, pick a fireproof safe. For valuable items that you’d rather protect from burglary attacks, those that are burglar proof need to work best since they offer you the perfect protection. Bear in mind that fireproof solutions may not be the best for media and data or family photos considering they are all very sensitive to heat and can get damaged anyway.

C.    The Type

This pertains to the spot in your home or workplace in which you would like to have it set. There are wall, floor, file cabinet and door vaults and many others. The kind can determine the protection levels you can obtain for your valuable items. For instance, floor safes are often most suitable for precious jewelry, cash, silver and gold and other valuable items, particularly because they’re designed to provide protection from burglary attacks. Their whereabouts causes it to become harder for criminals to search for them. Wall safes that are most frequent on the other hand might not offer much protection from robbers unless they are burglar-proof. They are ideal if you need to keep the prescription drugs out of the reach of kids, loved ones and employees, but they could also make amazing temporary storage selections for jewelry and cash. When you give it enough thought, you should be able to make the right decision.

D.    The Size

This is also important to ensure that you will use it to match your storage and protection requirements without having to invest in another safe altogether. There are small and bigger possibilities in the market and you can easily obtain the size you feel is the best option for the needs that you have. The size can determine the space you will need to allocate for it at home or at work therefore consider any space limitations which you may have.

Green Gadgets

Technology usually has this wrong connotation of Anti-environment or nature destructive. But the thing is, it doesn’t apply to all, it has exceptions. Just like these gadgets that does not just make your life easier but also a natural innovative solution.


Crazy Eco Cleaning Gadgets

The concept of Eco-Cleaning is a current trend with people looking to move away from chemicals and toward more natural innovative solutions.

This article highlights some highly innovation cleaning devices that may become part of every house in the future—and some that you can buy now to tackle life chores with a lower environmental impact.


A. Futuristic Washing Machine

The Renew, designed by Louis Filosa for Electrolux, makes use of RFID and infrared scanners that detect deficiencies in the fabric (fade, tears, etc) and suggests new clothing options as well.  The smart home appliance also includes an OLED touchscreen interface, and Wi-Fi allows for easy navigation and updating. All you need to do is swipe your dirty clothes between the two steam blades, like a credit card, and get ready-to-wear clothes within no time.



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5 Essential Appliances for your Home



Possessing the essential appliance in your everyday activities could make life for you and your family easier and comfortable. Housekeeping, cooking, laundry and other routines will not be as complicated once you have the appliances needed. Home appliances can range from the basic and cheap items to the high-end and expensive. Listed below are five of the popular appliances for enhancing the performance and quality of the home:

A.    Dishwashers
If you find that dishwasher isn’t a necessity but just a luxury item, then you’re completely wrong. The energy-efficient qualities and ability to save water makes these appliances something which has grown into an essential item. It is recommended to those who have active lifestyle and environment conscious people.

B.    Washer and dryer
Trips to Laundromat can be stopped when you’ve got a washer & dryer at home. The market today enables you to pick out from a wide array of washers, from low capacity to the high ones. All depending to your requirements. You will be amazed of the features presented now to the customers. The load sensor feature is just one of the its many developments. The automatic load sensing feature comes with suggested laundry soap dosage and automatic load realignment. Modern laundry machines operate on either electrical energy or natural gas.

C.    Portable heaters and air conditioners
As soon as the summer season arrives, it almost becomes difficult for each of us to bear the heat of the season. On such instances, possessing an portable ac unit is the smart answer. Today, you can get energy-efficient AC units so that you will not be troubled with sky rocketing bills. The same solution to winter time. You can just get a portable heater in case your heater can no longer serve your need.

D.    Microwave
A microwave is available in a variety of sizes and styles, from the standalone units to the under-cabinet models. A modern day microwave is sure to feature in many homes and could be utilized more regularly than the standard oven or cooktop. A regular microwave oven cooks all-types of food and heats liquid quicker than an oven. This implies much less time put in the kitchen.

E.    Stoves
Certain large appliances such as the stoves and ranges are a must-have for the home and help prepare food for the single person to large families. Ovens, ranges, and cooktops come in a range of styles. The most popular styles include the electric coil, gas and induction. The gas cooking appliances are popular with the expert and amateur chefs because of the ability to offer more exact and steady heat.