How to Install a Chair Rail

“Historically used to protect walls from being damaged by the seat backs of chairs, chair rails now serve primarily as a stylish embellishment. With these straightforward instructions, you’ll be able to install chair rail molding in a weekend—and reap its visual and practical benefits for years to come.”

Adding a chair rail to a room can make a sharp statement. The texture and visual interest can bring a customized feel and instantly upgrade your home. Plus, it’s one of the easier do-it-yourself projects you can do.

Preinstall To Do List

Before you purchase the chair rail you need to measure the room to know just how many feet you’re going to need. You also want to look at the wall and figure out where the rail is going to go. For some this is easy if it’s a separator between two different mediums (say, wallpaper on top and paint on the bottom), but if you’re just adding it to a solid tone wall, choose an approximate line where you’d like for it to sit.

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