19 Long-Distance Relationship-Aiding Inventions

“You already know that being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy. The hardest part is all of the little things that you miss about having your love live in your shared home or right around the corner. They can’t feel each other. I mean Skype and WhatsApp are one thing but if you have ever been in a relationship, you know nothing is better than a touch, a hug or a kiss. In today’s world where the technology is advancing at such great pace, long distance couples too have some special innovations just for them. In this article we’ll see 19 gadgets that can boost your long distance love life.”

Touch-Connecting Bracelets

It’s never easy being apart from the person you love, but thanks to these long-distance relationship inventions, that distance can feel significantly smaller. Romantics would say there is no better use for technology than to make you feel close to the person you miss most.

Some of the pieces are pretty hilarious, like the long-distance kissing egg that mimics one another’s smooching style. Others, like the TapTap bracelet allowing you to send signals to your distant lover that you’re thinking about them, are sentimental.

The most discussion-worthy pieces among these long-distance relationship inventions are the numerous shared adult toys. Featuring everything from a molding feature to ensure realism (literally the most personal customization ever), to real-time interactive toys, the creativity of these pieces cannot be denied.

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