17 Tech Gadgets T+L Editors Never Travel Without

“Every traveler has a different stockpile of gadgets to choose from before embarking on a new trip. Some will save you time, while others will help keep you safe; then, of course, there are the gadgets that are meant for pure fun. There are some travel gadgets that are essential to just about every packing list.” 

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology

All the savvy gear — from smartwatches to smart luggage — that’s sure to upgrade your next trip.


OCTOBER 04, 2017

As trendy as it may be to unplug on vacation, some of the travel-ready tech that’s on the market right now is just too good to leave behind.

Plus, the best gadgets enhance your travels without becoming a distraction, like the wireless earbuds that provide a seamless soundtrack for your morning run along the surf or the keychain that keeps you from losing your keys.,,

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