15 New Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

“Men do love gadgets too. From newfangled apps to massive home entertainment overhauls, if they can find an excuse to upgrade a gadget, they’ll take it. To help them wade through the mass of new technology and products that come on to the market every day, there are gadgets that I’ve found men want. Whether you’re the kind of man who wants a gadget that lets you control your computer with just a pinch, squeeze and twirl of your finger, or if you’re more into vibrating fingertips, they got that too.”

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It’s finally happening: All the technology we’ve been so enthusiastic about over the last decade is being honed and tweaked to perfection, and crossing over from gadget to gadget. Our devices are becoming easier to use and more intuitive, and activity monitors now provide alerts and smartphone connectivity. We have connected cameras, compact and powerful electric motors powering skateboards, and drones with high-def cameras that will follow you around the slopes like your personal flying camera crew.

This exceptional, game-changing gear could make 2015 your greatest year ever. Here’s your shopping list.

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