10 high-tech gadgets to pamper your pet

“Keeping a pet healthy and happy used to involve nothing more than quality food, regular vet checks and attention. Pet ownership has become a lot techier. All kinds of gadgets are invented and improved upon these days to increase the quality of life and your relationship with your pets.  Some gadgets for pets are fairly practical, tracking their location or the amount of exercise they get every day, while others veer into the absurd, like stair lifts for fat dogs or devices that tweet their activities.”

Photo by http://www.cnbc.com/

No matter how rough times get economically, we still love to pamper our pets.

Americans spent more than $61.4 billion on their pets in 2011 (the most recent figures available), according to a report by the U.S. Department of Labor. The average household spent more than $500 (beyond the typical amount for alcohol and men’s clothing). And tech companies are looking to get a slice of that pie.

As the wearable revolution spreads in the two-legged world, a segment of the market is focusing on our four-legged friends. And other gadget makers are turning their attentions there as well. Whether pet owners will respond remains to be seen, but they’re certainly not wanting for options. Here are some of the high-tech toys available to pet owners.

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