10 best tech gadgets to launch by the end of 2015

“People nowadays love technology and believe in its ability to enrich their lives. They can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year, but there are some gadgets on show in Vegas that would give even the most hardened technophile pause for thought. Amid the glittering nuggets of gold, there are plenty of answers to questions no-one posed.”

Photo by http://www.marketwatch.com/

Photo by http://www.marketwatch.com/

This is an amazing year for the tech industry. With so many great products presented at the CES 2015, and a plethora of amazing technology already on shelves, you’d think this year has already given its best. But you’d be wrong because the best is yet to come.

Here’s my top 10 countdown of the tech products or gadgets that will launch before the end of the year:

10. New Moto X

Being a happy owner of one such device (second gen), I can say I’m looking forward to looking at its successor, Moto X’s third generation. Based on the rumors from the STJS Gadget Portal, this new device is being developed by Motorola Mobility and will likely be released by September. Leaked specs indicate that the new device will sport a bigger screen, more battery life and a better camera.

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

This is an up-and-coming behemoth. The Samsung SSNLF, +4.76%  Galaxy S6 edge+ is a phablet successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and as such will reportedly offer a bigger screen (5.7 inches versus 5.1 inches), the same processor already powering the Galaxy S6 edge and the same amount of ram (3GB). As a non-frequent smartphone buyer, I tend to find these cosmetic updates disappointing, but this information could be useful for those who plan on buying an S6 edge soon. My advice: Instead of buying now, wait until August, which is when this phablet might launch.

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Beartooth Radio Turns Your Smartphone Into a Walkie-Talkie

“Having a walkie talkie application on your mobile phone can be more gainful than you might suspect, particularly on the off chance that you are somebody who utilizes it frequently. You can have a few advantages in utilizing your telephone as a walkie talkie instead of the customary gadget. There are numerous walkie talkie applications accessible online from your versatile application store.”

Photo by http://gizmodo.com/

Photo by http://gizmodo.com/

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular amongst backcountry types, as a decent option for communication when the shit hits the fan. However, if you just want to chat to your partner a mile away, you still need a two-way radio – or, you did.

That’s the problem Beartooth Radio is trying to solve with their snazzy smartphone case, which will use short-range radio frequencies to allow you to talk to another Beartooth user within about a two-mile range. In addition, you can also send encrypted texts (perfect for the log-cabin-dwelling NSA-hating survivalist type in your life), share your location, and send out a distress signal. It operates on the same FRS frequency as standard Walmart two-way radios, so you don’t need an operating license like you would for more powerful radio sets, either.

Read more: http://gizmodo.com/beartooth-radio-turns-your-smartphone-into-a-walkie-tal-1635661204

Walkie-Talkie Smartphone Handset

“Walkie talkies were once powerful and helpful tools also. Some time ago when mobile phones were not yet created, walkie talkies were utilized for constant correspondence and have created what we have today. All things considered, just a little number of individuals utilize a genuine walkie talkie these days. Despite the fact that it is a useful and helpful apparatus, why bring another gadget when you can have one in your cellular telephone?”

Photo by http://www.mobilevenue.com/

Photo by http://www.mobilevenue.com/

I only tend to see truck drivers with walkie-talkies these days as I drive past them. With the walkie-talkie smartphone handset, you can join in on that scene too.

The handset plugs in to the headphone port on any smartphone and has a microphone built in to the handset. To talk, you push the button. It has adjustable volume and the ability to pickup and end calls.

The handset requires 2 AAA batteries to run but other than that, its just plug and play.

Available from Perpetual Kid with a price tag of $19.99.


Read more: http://www.mobilevenue.com/walkie-talkie-smartphone-handset-03140453/

These 7 clever gadgets will help you keep track of your valuables

“If you lost an item that is very important to you, technology has a best solution for that. A small device that will help you to locate a valuable item is attached to it that has a big chance to be lost such as your laptop, car keys or wallet.”

Photo by http://thenextweb.com/

Photo by http://thenextweb.com/

It always seems like you’re losing your wallet or keys, right? Technology finally has a solution for that. One of the latest crowdfunding trends is small devices that are for affixing to valuable items that are likely to be lost such as your laptop, car keys or wallet to help you locate them when lost.

The idea is that you attach something to whatever is important to you — such as a handbag or your keys — and register the object with an application on your phone using Bluetooth. Once registered, whenever you open the app (or go out of range of the object) you’ll be able to track where it was and receive an alert with the last known location.

There are lots of different ways to do that tracking and different form factors of the device so we’ve rounded the latest up for you to make an easier decision. After the jump we’ve got a look at the options available and which ones have the best features.

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The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech

“The computer insurgency made better approaches for working, sharing data, and having some good times. Our high-tech gadgets and devices may be wonderfully expansive of our intellects, but they can be hard on our bodies. Youngsters ought to constrain the amount of time they spend chatting on a cellphone. Furthermore, on the off chance that they have a wearable gadget, they ought to take it off during the evening so it doesn’t wind up under their cushion, close to their head. Ladies who are pregnant should be cautious with these advances too.”

Photo by http://www.nytimes.com/

Photo by http://www.nytimes.com/


In 1946, a new advertising campaign appeared in magazines with a picture of a doctor in a lab coat holding a cigarette and the slogan, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.” No, this wasn’t a spoof. Back then, doctors were not aware that smoking could cause cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

In a similar vein, some researchers and consumers are now asking whether wearable computers will be considered harmful in several decades’ time.

We have long suspected that cellphones, which give off low levels of radiation, could lead to brain tumors, cancer, disturbed blood rhythms and other health problems if held too close to the body for extended periods.

Yet here we are in 2015, with companies like Apple and Samsung encouraging us to buy gadgets that we should attach to our bodies all day long.

While there is no definitive research on the health effects of wearable computers (the Apple Watch isn’t even on store shelves yet), we can hypothesize a bit from existing research on cellphone radiation…

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/19/style/could-wearable-computers-be-as-harmful-as-cigarettes.html?_r=0

Old Tech: The Obsolete Gadgets You Just Couldn’t Bear to Throw Away

“One of the issues that people are facing now is the manner by how to dispose of their old gadgets, as they get supplanted by more current, more grounded, all the more capable version. Some people are often having a hard time on letting go of obsolete innovation for any number of reasons, from sentimental through aesthetic or financial to a determination to outfox the future by showing that the old stuff still works.”

Photo by http://www.theguardian.com/

Photo by http://www.theguardian.com/

Look at the pictures submitted to our GuardianWitness project about old technology. Remote controls idle on set-top boxes, the objects of their spent beams long since gone. There is a record player whose turntable last turned a decade ago. A VHS: say no more. A radio whose tuning knob disappeared years ago, but which, intact, made a wonderful childhood birthday present and which, therefore, is waiting for a better ending than disposal. Although, of course, there is no other ending: that is why it’s still on the mantelpiece. Best leave the inventory there.

People hold on to outdated technology for any number of reasons, from sentimental through aesthetic or financial to a determination to outfox the future by showing that the old stuff still works. And, sometimes, simply to disprove the idea that there is no progress without renewal. After all, if you don’t flinch at the decrepitude of your belongings, perhaps you don’t flinch at the decrepitude of yourself. Maybe we are all old-tech.

We asked some of you why you were holding on to something that technological advances had left behind, but which you could not bring themselves to relinquish. Here are your stories…

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There’s a Good Chance Your Mobile Device Is Vulnerable to Data Thieves

“A huge number of individuals now own mobile devices, so it’s nothing unexpected that cyber lawbreakers have inclined up their efforts to steal  data from them. An aware user is a safe client notwithstanding the model of a gadget or device, holding data comes down on how the owner utilize and maintain the gadget. Once thieves have access to one’s information, like bank accounts, contact information and personal data, following proper caution is necessary to avoid mobile data theft.”

Photo by http://www.thestreet.com/

Photo by http://www.thestreet.com/

Mobile devices are wide open to data security threats, perhaps much more than consumers and companies might have thought.

Skycure, a Palo Alto-based mobile security defense firm, just issued its first ever Mobile Threat Intelligence Report. In it, the company reports that 41% of all mobile devices are at a “medium to high” data security risk level. Furthermore, the rate of high-risk devices is going in the wrong direction, as device security vulnerabilities grow “larger every month,” Skycure reports.

Skycure says it measures the security of mobile devices using its own formula, called the Mobile Threat Risk Score, “which takes into account recent threats the device was exposed to, device vulnerabilities and configuration, and user behavior.”

Both consumers and companies that issue mobile devices to employees and…


Read more: http://www.thestreet.com/story/13348971/1/there-s-a-good-chance-your-mobile-device-is-vulnerable-to-data-thieves.html

A Smartphone Charger That Runs On Candlepower

“This thermopile technique has been around for at least a hundred years. It’s been used quite successfully to power radios during wartime.”

Photo by: http://spectrum.ieee.org/

Photo by: http://spectrum.ieee.org/

Andrew Byrnes, sitting with me outside a Palo Alto cafe on Monday, lights a candle—in this case, a small Sterno-type can designed for warming food—and fills a tiny pot sitting on a rack above the flame with water. About 10 seconds later, a green light on an attached USB cable begins glowing, and Byrnes plugs in his iPhone. The phone immediately begins charging.

That is how you charge a phone with candlepower, something Byrnes’ San Francisco-based company, Stower, wants people to be able to do during their next power outage. And it’s pretty simple, especially for someone like me who grew up on old school emergency preparedness and still has a tendency to…


Read more: http://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/energy/renewables/a-cell-phone-charger-that-runs-on-candlepower

China’s Huawei Makes Third Top Selling Smartphone Brand Global

“Mid-tier mobiles are indeed on the rise as seen on the market today. Following after Apple and Samsung, you may not be surprised if Huawei will overtake these giants in the near future.”



China’s Huawei Technologies made the top three global smartphone seller, trailing Samsung and Apple, according to the latest report by IDC.

According to IDC’s statement on Oct. 28, Huawei shipped 26.5 million units of smartphones in Q3 this year, up 60.9 percent from a year ago, pushing its market share to 7.5 percent to become the third top selling smartphone brand in the world.

Huawei focuses on mid-range to high-end devices and has reported stellar performances in China and Europe, but has relatively low market penetration in the U.S. The Chinese company recently worked with Google to develop the high-end Nexus 6P; the partnership was interpreted as a step in expanding the U.S. market for Huawei.

South Korea’s Samsung top the top ….



Read more:  http://technews.co/2015/10/31/chinas-huawei-makes-third-top-selling-smartphone-brand-global/

Who is Pepper?

“Are you will to pay a thousand bucks for a companion? Well, we are not  just talking about humans here but we are talking the newest technological craze, Pepper Robot. Find out why these robots are sold out in the market.”


The latest creation from Aldebaran, Pepper is the first humanoid robot designed to live with humans. At the risk of disappointing you, he doesn’t clean, doesn’t cook and doesn’t have super powers… Pepper is a social robot able to converse with you, recognize and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously.

Engaging and friendly, Pepper is much more than a robot, he’s a companion able to communicate with you through the most intuitive interface we know: voice, touch and emotions.
Created for SoftBank Mobile—one of the largest mobile phone operators in Japan- Pepper is already greeting and interacting with customers in stores.

An emotional companion

To be a true social companion Pepper needs to be able to understand your emotions. If you burst out laughing, he will know you are in a good mood. If you frown, Pepper will understand that something is bothering you.

Pepper can translate what state you are in using his knowledge of universal emotions (joy, surprise, anger, doubt and sadness) and his ability to analyze your facial expression, body language and the words you use. He will guess your mood, and will even adapt to it. For example, he will try to cheer you up by playing your favorite song!

Pepper also can express emotions, and this is what makes him so cute! We can say he has a real personality conveyed by his body language, his funny gestures and his voice.



Peppers loves to talk with humans, he’s very curious about us! As you continue to interact with him Pepper will recognize you and learn new things about your tastes. Capable of both adaptation and self-improvement, he will soon be able to …


Read more: https://www.aldebaran.com/en/a-robots/who-is-pepper